Delicate Spikes and Petals Bloom in Avital Avital’s Porcelain Art Vessels

This artist's porcelain work aims to create a hybrid between functional art and conceptual sculpture, and challenge what we know about this type of art.

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Floral Art Remarkable
Avital Avital floral porcelain art header on Thursd

Israeli porcelain master Avital Avital has passionately developed her own porcelain/ceramic brand, conveying different shapes and decorative perspectives all along her pieces. In these specific ones, spikes and blooms invade Avital Avital's porcelain art vessels to create something amazing.

Porcelain Vessels by Avital Avital Flourish Spikes and Blooms

Ceramic artist Avital Avital is fascinated by the variety of flora and flowers, and she uses porcelain to create intricately designed containers. The artist creates delicate spikes, tiny flowers, and orbs covered in candy-like dots in her Ramat Gan, Israel, studio.


Delicate spikes and petals bloom in porcelain pieces by Avital Avital on Thursd


In her work, she combines technical expertise with philosophical concepts, drawing on the long history of clay as a medium and exploring the relationship between functionality and adornment. The final outcome is a range of creative, colorful, and most importantly unique artistic creations that are ready to decorate any space at home.

What Does Avital Avital Aim to Expose With Her Work?

Positivity, creativeness, originality, and most important pieces portray her ultimate desire for everyone who has her pieces in their hands— love and flowers. The Israeli artist Avital Avital shares that in order to challenge what we as humans already know about ceramic works, each of her porcelain works of art strives to establish a combination between functional art and conceptual sculpture.


Floral porcelain art pieces by Avital Avital on Thursd


The Meaning of Porcelain For the Artist

In her opinion, porcelain is the untamable horse of all materials. Avital Avital loves sharing her knowledge with her customers, and this time she shares how much time she had had to spend getting to know about the relationship between ceramics and flowers to achieve what she had in mind.


Quirky and unique floral porcelain art Avital Avital on Thursd


The designer came to the realization that she didn't need to discipline or subjugate this noble substance. Instead, she needed to get it to a point where it could develop into a composition that communicated her emotions in every floral and spiky piece she created.

Each Piece Has a Special Connection Between the Artist and Flowers

When Avital Avital has got her hands on the prize, aka, on the delicate spikes and petals seen on her porcelain vessels, she has one thing in mind: express her existence and the reason why she does what she does via every creation. The colors and the movements that are seen in every blossoming petal and floral vessel design are extravagantly unique and eccentric.


Avital Avital Israeli porcelain artist on Thursd


Through her various works of art, you can expect to see rocky, feathery, spiky, and fluffy blooms. After all, each floral porcelain piece has a unique and special connection made with the heart all the way from Avital Avital's studio in Israel.

Make the World See the Beauty of Porcelain Art

Her choice of medium complements her subject matter, which was inspired by nature's inexhaustible palette of shapes and hues. Avital is interested in balancing the delicacy of the porcelain and its strength and using its potential transparency by sculpting colorful petals that are skin-like when directed to a source of light. One of her most powerful goals in her career and overall life is making her customers and people, in general, see the beauty there is in porcelain art and how these pieces can actually change any desired space, making them more memorable and quirky.


Avital Avital artist on Thursd


Avital Avital - Profile

Avital Eshd Avital, as her full name is written, was born in 1963. She became a porcelain artist based in Israel. Avital graduated from the Avni Academy of art design in 1984. She became Guest Artist in the 'Altogether 8' gallery, in Jerusalem in 2013. Her art is exhibited in museums in Israel and other countries, including the Erez Museum (The Eighth Biennale of Israeli Ceramics). Her work is held in the collection by organizations like Gallery 8 in Jaffa.


Eshed Avital Avital at work on Thursd
Avital Avital at work


To see more of her work and get yourself involved in her charming porcelain pieces, give her Instagram account a scroll to find lots of ceramic goodies.

Photos: Avital Avital



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