Brock DeBoer Preserves Quotidian Objects in Flower-Themed Porcelain

Check out the artistic perfection of porcelain objects such as shoes, telephone booths and even a small radio!

By: THURSD. | 30-08-2023 | 3 min read
Floral Art
Flower porcelain shoes

Brock DeBoer, an artist and enthusiastic skater, discovered the art of porcelain as a youngster while attending summer school, and he quickly became hooked on learning something new. When he sat at the potter's wheel, he was almost challenging himself the same way he did skateboarding. Inspired by this sport, he thought about how his next piece would be taller or wider, or he would make this shape he saw in a book, and almost overnight, Brock had discovered something that would change his life.

Porcelain Objects With Flowers by Brock DeBoer

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to artist Brock DeBoer. He has taken this notion to heart, weaving together the beauty of flowers with the art of porcelain preservation. DeBoer's work involves encapsulating everyday objects in intricately crafted porcelain, creating a fusion of flowers and craftsmanship that elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Brock DeBroers flower porcelain lunchbox


DeBoer's artistic journey began with a fascination for the nature of flowers and their fleeting beauty. He pondered the idea of preserving these blooms in a medium that would immortalize their grace and vibrancy. The answer came in the form of porcelain—an exquisite material known for its elegance and durability.


Basketball porcelain object by Brock DeBroer


What Makes DeBoer's Work Admirable and Beyond Beautiful

What makes DeBoer's work truly remarkable is his ability to seamlessly integrate the mundane with the exquisite. Portraying objects we typically associate with heavy use, like sneakers, radios, and basketballs, the artist elicits a playful tension between fragility and function. The subjects, such as the sneakers, have a shelf life before the soles crumble and bubbles pop, and having the ability to preserve them and give them a new life is interesting to him. By encasing these objects in porcelain and adorning them with meticulously crafted porcelain flowers, DeBoer imbues them with new life and meaning.


Flower porcelain Nike shoes


At first glance, DeBoer's creations appear as if frozen in time. The flower motifs, detailedly handcrafted petal by petal, bring a sense of vitality to the pieces, infusing them with a delicate balance between fragility and strength. DeBoer's process is a labor of love that requires both technical prowess and artistic finesse.

Each porcelain piece is shaped by hand, with great attention to detail and form. The floral elements are sculpted to perfection, mirroring the patterns found in nature. The artist's dedication to his craft is evident in the way he carefully chooses colors, textures, and compositions that best complement the object being preserved.


Telephone booth with Chinese porcelain display


Flower Porcelain Dating Back to Ancient China

The floral decor on each piece dates back to popular ceramic traditions such as blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, which originated in the 14th century and was enormously popular in Europe. Adding this surface decoration also folds a layer of history into the sculptures, which Brock thinks is even more impactful when applied to these common objects. He mentions how he uses everyday, recognized objects to highlight the medium itself. Presenting something familiar allows the viewer to experience and become absorbed in the exactness of the sculpture before reading too much into it. Capturing items like these is difficult. And, because there is no space for error, every aspect must be flawless.


Brock DeBroer creates small radio with flowers


With this, Brock invites you to check out his entire range of porcelain artwork. Any one of his pieces could look great for interior decoration purposes!


Photos by Brock DeBoer.



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