10 Cabins With Comfortable Interiors and Charming Views of Nature

Nestled amidst serene landscapes and enveloped by the beauty of nature, cabins with nature views offer a unique and captivating experience.

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cabins with views of nature

Let yourself explore these 10 rural cabins with warm living areas energized by natural materials and vistas out over wild landscapes from Norway to New Zealand. As this compilation will show, little else is required to make a cabin cozy, and keeping their interiors simple keeps the focus on the main event - the views out to nature.

10 Cozy Cabins With the Greatest View of All Times - Nature

Cabins are a popular construction type among architects worldwide. The little shelters, often made of wood, are perfect for use as tranquil retreats in distant regions. Because of their compact size and use of organic materials like wood, these structures fit in with their environment while also producing pleasant and peaceful living spaces for residents. Here are 10 cabins showing the real power of sleeping and being in front of nature, and how these peaceful places will spread relaxing vibes.

1. Enough House in Canada by Brian MacKay-Lyons

The Enough House, located in Canada and designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, is a remarkable architectural gem that exemplifies simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Designed as a response to the concept of 'enoughness' the house embraces a minimalist approach while offering all the necessary amenities for comfortable living.


Enough Cabin in Canada
Photo: James Brittain


The design of the Enough House is characterized by clean lines, a compact footprint, and a harmonious integration with its natural surroundings. The exterior showcases a combination of wood and glass, allowing for ample natural light and a strong connection to the surrounding landscape

2. Looking Glass Lodge in the UK by Michael Kendrick Architects

A black fireplace hangs from the ceiling of this sitting area in East Sussex's Looking Glass Lodge. The space has a simple design with woven furnishings and wooden surfaces, which helps to keep the focus on the floor-to-ceiling windows. The studio's goal, according to its designer Michael Kendrick Architects, was to offer the cabin a sense of transparency and belonging within its setting.


Looking Glass Lodge in the UK
Photo: Tom Bird


3. The Hat House in Sweden by Tina Bergman

The Hat House, located in Sweden and designed by Tina Bergman, is a unique architectural gem that offers a cozy and inviting living-dining space. Despite its generous ceiling height, the design of the house ensures a snug atmosphere through the use of warm materials.


The Hat House in Sweden by Tina Bergman
Photo: Jim Stephenson


The interior of The Hat House showcases a rich material palette, with various types of wood taking center stage. Spruce panels adorn the walls, imparting a natural and rustic charm to the space. Complementing this, the floor features end-grain spruce blocks, adding a touch of texture and visual interest. The combination of these wooden elements creates a warm and inviting ambiance, inviting inhabitants and guests to feel at ease.

One standout feature of The Hat House is the cushioned window seat, strategically placed to provide both comfort and an immersive view of the surroundings. It offers an ideal spot for relaxation, allowing the owner to fully appreciate the beauty of the outside world while basking in the cozy interior.

4. Bruny Island Cabin in Australia by Maguire + Devin

The Bruny Island Cabin, all the way in Australia and designed by Maguire + Devin, is a remarkable off-grid retreat that showcases the beauty of Baltic pine. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese houses, the cabin features a design that is both minimalist and seamlessly integrated with its surroundings.

The interior of the cabin embraces a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, where every piece of furniture serves a purpose and becomes an integral part of the building's frame. Baltic pine, with its warm and natural tones, lines almost every surface, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. This material choice not only adds a sense of natural beauty but also enhances the connection between the cabin and its surrounding landscape.


Bruny Island Cabin in Australia by Maguire and Devin
Photo: Rob Maver


One notable feature of the interior is the raised seating area, thoughtfully positioned beside a large pane of glass. This seating area is completed with a low-lying table and rugs, providing a cozy and inviting space for relaxation and contemplation. The design encourages occupants to enjoy the panoramic views while fostering a sense of calm and harmony with nature.

5. Biv Punakaiki in New Zealand by Fabric Architecture

Biv Punakaiki, located in the picturesque village of Punakaiki in New Zealand, is a stunning holiday cabin designed by Fabric Architecture. Nestled within the lush rainforest, the cabin offers a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings.


Biv Punakaiki in New Zealand by Fabric Architecture
Photo: Stephen Goodenough


The design of Biv Punakaiki is focused on creating a seamless connection between the interior and the landscape. Large expanses of glazing allow ample natural light to flood the space and provide uninterrupted views of the surrounding forest. The minimalist approach to furnishings ensures that the focus remains on the picturesque scenery, with only essential elements present to maintain a sense of tranquility.

6. Forest Cabin in the Netherlands by The Way We Build

The Forest Cabin, designed by The Way We Build, is a charming and unique mobile cabin nestled in the Robbenoordbos forest in the Netherlands. The cabin stands out with its chapel-like atmosphere, created by the use of arches made from poplar wood.


One of ten most beautiful cabins with view of nature
Photo: Jordi Huisman


Despite its small size, the Forest Cabin offers a serene and minimalist living space. The interior is intentionally kept simple, featuring only essential furnishings such as a writing desk and a wood burner for cozy warmth. This deliberate simplicity allows visitors to disconnect from the distractions of modern life and find solace in the tranquil surroundings.

7. House by the Cautín River in Chile by Iragüen Viñuela Arquitecto

The architects made a striking design choice by utilizing dark-stained wood for the interior lining, resulting in a moody and intimate living space that highlights the surrounding views.

By using black wood throughout the interior, the cabin achieves a strong contrast with the white winter and lush green summer landscapes. This contrast not only enhances the visual impact but also creates an atmosphere of introspection and tranquility, aligning with the cabin's purpose as a shelter.


One of coziest cabins with nature is in Chile
Photo: Marcos Zegers


The choice of dark-stained wood adds a sense of coziness and warmth to the living area. It creates a backdrop that allows the outside views to take center stage, drawing the attention of the occupants to the natural beauty of the surroundings.

8. Cabin Nordmarka in Norway by Rever and Drage

Cabin Nordmarka, designed by Rever & Drage, is a captivating retreat nestled in the beautiful landscape of Norway. One of the standout features of the cabin is its angular corner window, which brings life and animation to the unadorned living room.


Cabin Nordmarka in Norway by Rever and Drage
Photo: Tom Auger


The design of the cabin takes inspiration from its forested surroundings, with the green and blue tones of nature forming a vibrant and colorful backdrop to the interior. The elevated living space is adorned with light timber planks, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that blends harmoniously with the natural environment.

9. The Author's House in Denmark by Sleth

The Author's House, designed by Sleth, is a captivating writer's cabin nestled within the natural surroundings on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark. The design of the cabin is carefully crafted to harmonize with its environment, creating a seamless integration between architecture and nature.

The living room of The Author's House is lined with Douglas fir planks, which not only provide a warm and inviting atmosphere but also pay homage to the surrounding trees. The use of natural wood brings a sense of coziness and tranquility, making it an ideal retreat for the owner to find inspiration and focus on their writing.


Authors cabin house close to nature in Denmark
Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj


To enhance the intimate ambiance of the space, bookshelves are cleverly integrated at the base of the gabled profile. This not only adds a practical storage solution but also helps to visually reduce the height of the room, creating a more snug and intimate atmosphere.

10. Bergaliv Landscape Hotel in Sweden by Hanna Michelson

This cabin offers a unique and immersive experience amidst the serene beauty of nature. One of the four cabins within the hotel, this particular wooden cabin is nestled among the treetops of a Swedish mountain, providing a tranquil retreat for guests.

Hanna Michelson's design for the Bergaliv Landscape Hotel showcases a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. The compact wooden cabin seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, providing a peaceful and intimate space for guests to unwind and reconnect with the environment. Whether it's gazing out of the window seat or relaxing on the wooden bench, visitors are encouraged to lose themselves in the breathtaking views and embrace the relaxing mood of the landscape.


Bergaliv Landscape Hotel in Sweden
Photo: Bergaliv Hotel


Which one was your favorite? There's no better way of spending a relaxing weekend than by disconnecting and visiting a cabin in plain nature!


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