Looking Forward to These New Captain Calla Pot Plant Varieties

As you kickstart 2024, novelties from Kapiteyn will take the spotlight and wow you throughout the year.

By: THURSD. | 10-01-2024 | 3 min read
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Kapiteyn Captain Calla

Kapiteyn has been at the forefront of pushing the limits when it comes to breeding and developing new calla for decades. Its calla brand, Captain Calla, is a revolutionary umbrella of a wide assortment of intriguing calla varieties, delivered every single day to growers around the world.

Here is their latest development in the pot calla range; Kapiteyn is adding four new calla varieties you should look forward to in 2024! Namely Captain Beluga, Captain Osorno, Captain Redwood, and Captain Nevado. What makes these four new calla varieties intriguing? Read on to find out.

What Makes Captain Calla Exceptional?

Quality, reliability, and resourcefulness, that is what is embedded in Captain Calla's name. It is Kapiteyn's conviction that their intense testing and propagating processes kick off only when the data is reliable and worthy of a Captain name.


Calla Captain Osorno


Due to the breeder's commitment to excellence and quality products, you are assured of an impeccable tuber, that can effortlessly grow in any greenhouse around the world. Looking for pot callas with massive flower sizes and compatible to grow in big pots? these new additions by Kapiteyn will wow you, no doubt they are touted to be hot in 2024.

Pot Calla Captain Beluga

Captain Beluga, is a pure and brilliant white pot calla, with big and attractive blooms, which can easily be an eyecatcher. Its dark green foliage creates a perfect contrast when paired with its pure white flowers.


Pot Calla Captain Beluga


Interestingly, Captain Beluga not only gives you big flowers but also many flowers!

Pot Calla Captain Osorno

Captain Osorno is not your typical pot calla but a massive pot calla, suitable even for bigger pots. If you fancy bigger pot callas, then Captain Osorno will intrigue you.


Pot Calla Captain Osorno


Being an intense orange-colored color, with big and many flowers, Captain Osorno can easily be a focal point for any setting grown in! In addition to this, Captain Osorno also fits well or rather compliments the Pantone's Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz!

Pot Calla Captain Redwood

Just Captain Osorno, also pot calla Captain Redwood is suitable for big potted calla variety. Its pure red tone makes it an intense yet colorful pot calla to have in 2024.


Pot Calla Captain Redwood


Picture this, a red-colored pot calla, with big flowers and with suitability to be grown in big pots, it is the perfect calla experience, call it the Captain Redwood magic!

Pot Calla Captain Nevado

Captain Nevado is a white-colored pot calla, with unique whitish spots on the leaves, which creates a great and attractive contrast.


Pot Calla Captain Nevado


Having many big flowers and suitability for big pots, Captain Nevado is a beauty worth having to color any space.

Plan to Meet Kapiteyn at the IPM Essen

Kapiteyn will be exhibiting at the IPM Essen from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2024. If you are looking to meet Kapiteyn's amazing team and review the above-mentioned new pot callas, you will find the breeder at Hall 1, stand 1B20.


Calla Captain Redwood


This is a great start to the new year for the breeder and moving forward you should expect new and revolutionary pot calla varieties, given that Kapiteyn is continuously breeding, developing, and bringing new, unique, and resourceful Callas.

Pictures by Kapiteyn.


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