Hydroponics - Indoor Plants Doing Great in Water Only

Do you want to know more about how to root your plants in only water? Read this article and enjoy what hydroponics have to offer you.

By: THURSD. | 28-12-2022 | 4 min read
Indoor Plants Remarkable

One of the latest plant trends is hydroponics: plants with their roots in water. Without the need for soil. You not only enjoy the beautiful glass-plant combination, but you can also see the roots growing from all sides. Moreover, you hardly need to care for these plants. Here you can read how hydroponics work.

Hydroponics in Glass-Plant Combinations

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions. The plants are grown indoors, where the temperature, humidity, and lighting can be adjusted to maximize plant growth. Although many plants will root and grow well in just a glass jar and a little water, you can accelerate their growth with correct plant nutrition and adequate lighting. There are now many methods of not only growing plants but also studying them. You don't have to think and spend time doing tasks, just use assignment help UK.


Indoor Plants Growing in Water - Hydroponics


Hydroponics: Roots of Plants Growing in Water

Have you ever cut a plant? Then you probably already have experience with hydroponics. When you put the cutting in water, it can take root. You often pot this small plant afterward, but you can also let it grow further in the water. The plant then removes all nutrients from the water, so that it hardly needs any care. This applies to cuttings, but you can also put a complete houseplant in a large vase! Just make sure to change the water every two to four weeks and use a water-soluble fertilizer when necessary.



Which Plants Can Grow in Water as Hydroponics?

Not all plants are suitable for hydroponics, but there are plenty to choose from! For example, you can use the following plants:

Herbs as Hydroponics Growing in Water

The above list also includes a number of herbs that can be grown hydroponically: basil, lavender, rosemary, and sage. Good to know that these plants grow incredibly fast on water. So fast, in fact, that at some point they produce new leaves every day. Ideal for your kitchen!


Herbs as Hydroponics


Basil - Hydroponics


What Do You Need?

To be able to take cuttings or plant a plant in water, you need the following:


Pancake Plant as Hydroponic Plant


How Do You Proceed?

Firstly choose a stem that does not have a bud. Cut it to about 10-15 cm (depending on the size of the plant) and remove the lower leaves. Make sure to use clean scissors. Have you already brought home a cultivation dish? With this, you can easily propagate plants, seeds, and nuts in a glass of water, without it drowning in it. The top must be narrow enough so that only the bottom of the cutting is in the water. Another vase or bottle is also possible, as long as the top is narrow enough. Whatever you choose, make sure you clean it well in advance.

Secondly, fill the vase with spring water at room temperature. This contains important minerals that will promote growth. No spring water in the house? Then you can also use regular tap water with plant food. Replace it every month. You proceed by placing the cutting in the vase. Make sure only the bottom part is in the water. Place the plant in a light spot out of direct sunlight. Hydroponics or plants in water only, are easy to care for. You should have roots now.


Cuttings from the Woods Rooting in a Vase


Plants' Roots Have Grown - Place Your Plant in a Vase

Rinse the roots of the plant thoroughly to prevent the vase from becoming dirty. Just be careful not to damage the roots too much. Choose a vase that is suitable for your plant. A Monstera needs another vase than a sage or basil plant. Make sure you clean the vase well in advance. Following you fill the vase with spring water at room temperature. This contains important minerals that will promote growth. No spring water in the house? Then you can also use regular tap water with plant food. Now you can place the plant in the vase. Make sure only the roots are submerged. Replace the water every month with spring water or tap water with plant food.

Buy Hydroponic Plants

Does it seem a bit too much of a hassle to put or plant plants in the water yourself? Then you can also buy hydroponics ready-made.



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