Concept Factory Presents the Spring 2024 Trends

Thanks to their Kickstart Trends program, you're always one step ahead of the rest!

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Concept Factory Spring 2024 Trends

Concept Factory Presents the trends for Spring 2024. Thanks to their Kickstart Trends program, you're always one step ahead of the rest! Since Spring has already officially started, let's take a look at how this season is shaping up this year!

Concept Factory reflects on the past and looks at the present, so if you happen to have an activity on the agenda or if you want to know what the trendiest colors are to incorporate into (online) communication, then read on.


Concept Factory Spring Trends 2024 quote


Trend #1: Wildly Botanical

"To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from." - Terry Tempest Williams


Spring Trends 2024 Wildly Botanical
Images in this moodboard: Huub Ubbens, Marginpar, BLOOM's, Concept Factory & 3House Productions.


As the above quote from the American environmental activist and author of environmental literature describes, we are increasingly seeking a deeper connection with nature. We are realizing that as humans, we are closer to and within nature than we may have previously thought. We allow nature to take its course and find our place as humans within the whole.

In this trend, it's all about appreciating what is right on our doorstep. We don't need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy lush forests; our own cities and countryside are indeed a great source of inspiration. From green meadows to dense oak forests; this season, nature shines in all its glory!


Bedroom with white bromeliads trends
Photo by



This theme is certainly not a standard country topic, but some items do find their origin there; from handcrafted chestnut wood stools to simple pottery, Wildly Botanical has it all. Pots and other forms are often simple and basic but always made with love and attention. Due to the simplicity of the pot or vase, nature has all the space to shine!


(Unfinished) wood is back in style! Additionally, branches, metal and rope weaves, basic ceramics, colored metal, tiles, mosaics, and simply printed cotton are important materials. We also see a lot of stone and weathered materials - such as rust - and ceramics often have a reactive glaze.


Begonia Rex design trends
Photo by Flower Council Holland



In this theme, we clearly see the revival of tile and mosaic prints. Very simple, simplified flowers on textiles and speckled, splattered, or even camouflage-like patterns on pots and other ceramic forms also fit well into this trend. Additionally, botanical prints are a great addition.

Flowers and plants

In floral arrangements, it's all about allowing something beautiful to emerge. Try not to conceal imperfections, but rather showcase them; after all, that's what nature does too! Plants like Alocasias and Calatheas fit nicely into this theme due to their beautiful leaf colors and lush growth. These leaves can also be used individually in an arrangement. Additionally, botanical Orchids such as Oncidiums, Bromeliads, and trailing plants are a good choice, and don't forget about grasses and various branches!

For flowers, focus on unique shapes, such as those of a spider-shaped Chrysanthemum, the rocket-like shape of an Eremurus, or the rounder shape of an Anthurium. Opting for brown/orange/red colors is generally a safe bet.


Spring Trends 2024 Wildly Botanical green
Spring Trends 2024 Wildly Botanical


Trend #2: Advanced Poetry

"A spring and summer love song reinvented; that would be the easiest way to describe this multilayered and abundantly filled floral topic. A poem that is ready for the next generation."


Spring Trends 2024 Advanced Poetry
Images in this moodboard: Hydrangea World, Tulpen van Sam, Marginpar, BLOOM's, Concept Factory & 3House Productions


An idyllic moment; the sun shines, the flowers are blooming again, and everything feels perfect and peaceful. Advanced Poetry captures that little moment of happiness everyone is searching for. It takes us back to the past, but without forgetting the present. This trend also illustrates the escape to the countryside - a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But it's not as overly sweet as it seems. This trend has that little extra something with the mix of modern shapes, materials, and a pop of vibrant pink. In short: a healthy blend of delicate floral prints and new materials - Advanced Poetry is the romance of the next generation and oh so ‘Instagrammable’.


Wild Flowers Field bouquet trends
Photo by Fleur Magazine



Most shapes in this theme are simple, but with a twist - they all have that little extra in the form of cute reliefs, wrinkled or scalloped edges, or a slightly imperfect detail. The overall look is both romantic and a tad feminine, but the modern touch remains clearly visible.


From earthenware to bioplastic - this theme combines tradition with the latest techniques in material innovation. An interesting addition comes from colored crystal and embroidered open weaving, showcasing a touch of craftsmanship. Additionally, bacterial dyes and recycled textiles are on their way to becoming sustainable materials that are increasingly used for commercial purposes.


Yellow Flowers Field bouquet trends
Photo by Just Chrys



This trend is ideal for working with patterns. We see some folkloric patterns, but the (delicate) floral patterns take center stage. Think vintage floral illustrations, small silhouette details, and some arty watercolor effects and gradients that will certainly enhance the Insta-worthy appeal of this look!

Flowers and Plants

This trend is primarily a true floral theme, but you can also incorporate blooming plants with a classic character into your floral arrangements or presentations. Consider Hydrangeas, Orchids, or Clematis.
If you opt for flowers, choose typical and more delicate spring flowers such as Tulips, Statice, Matthiola, Viburnum, or Ranunculus, and don't forget about (blossom) branches! Later in the season, you can also go for Peonies, Dahlias, and Delphiniums, and Chrysanthemums can be used anytime - as long as it maintains a romantic overall feel with a bold color accent.


Spring Trends 2024 Advanced Poetry
Spring Trends 2024 Advanced Poetry



Ready to dive into these themes presented by Concept Factory? Download the mood boards here. Please note: mention Concept Factory as the source when publishing. Also, include the credits of the images as described under the moodboards in this article. It is only permitted to publish the moodboard in its entirety.

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Just a note: These trends are for the spring season of 2024, but that doesn't mean it's old news. Realize that some customers plan slightly less far ahead and can still make good use of the input from these trends. You may just be a tad less innovative.

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Spring Trends 2024 Kickstart


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