Creating a Cozy Retreat: Decorating Plant Tips for Log Cabin Interiors

Transform your log cabin into a cozy retreat with these plant decorating tips.

By: THURSD | 20-05-2024 | 5 min read
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Your log cabin is your quiet vacation home away from home. It’s your place to relax and become one with nature, and it’s where you get to enjoy the natural beauty of its log design both inside and out. 

Maximize the appeal of your log cabin home by not only focusing on the landscape of the property but also on its interior. Since the interior walls are all similar to one another and can feel as limiting as they do charming, it’s wise to learn some tips as to how to decorate your log cabin interiors. Here are some tips to try out that are not only doable but don’t cause you to spend a lot of time and money in the process.


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Utilize Mirrors for Dimension

Break up the monotony of your log walls by adding mirrors. Mirrors elongate and widen rooms while also adding dimension to smaller spaces. Round and oval mirrors also help soften walls since they don’t have any hard edges to them. Add a touch of personality to your mirror arrangement by mixing and matching several smaller mirrors together or by choosing one large ornately framed mirror in your log cabin to serve as a conversation piece.

Place Thick and Patterned Rugs in Rooms

Thick, cozy, and patterned rugs create a focal point and sensory feel in rooms that otherwise may feel hard because of the rustic walls and general woodsy appeal of a log cabin home. In short, welcoming rugs help soften a living space while modernizing main living areas for a comfortable and especially welcoming feel.

As a bonus, rugs help divide spaces into smaller, more intimate sections, which is much appreciated when you live in a smaller log cabin.

Paint an Accent Wall

Yes, you can paint the inside of a cabin wall, and how successful your paint project will be lies in A) the colors you choose for your wall and B) which accent wall you choose. It’s wise to stick to earthy colors in either bright or tan-based tones and choose a main wall as a focal accent wall rather than a side or back wall.

It’s wise to plan out which walls you intend to paint and the color choices you’ll use in advance, keeping in mind your personality, the square footage of your log cabin, and what other decorative options you’re using in your living space. This way, the color choices you use won’t clash with your log cabin’s design, but rather, will enhance the appeal of your interior living space.


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Bring Nature Inside

It makes absolute sense to put as many plants inside your log cabin as possible. Plants add beauty and dimension to a living space, liven up dull rooms, clean the air, and help you feel better both inside and out. If you love plants but aren’t sure how green your thumb is, then consider succulents for your home. Succulents are low-care plants that require little water and sunlight and come in a variety of species, colors, and designs.

Give your log cabin a wild appeal by bringing inside tropical fruit trees, such as lime or lemon trees, that release a lovely scent while giving you conversation-piece fauna to enjoy. Plants can be placed potted on the ground, on plant stands, hung from macrame holders, or simply enjoyed in pots on coffee and end tables. Have a plant in every room, or mix and match your plants for a more exotic and charming effect in your interior log cabin space.

Change Up the Lighting

Natural light is best for your log cabin, as the natural lighting in a room uplifts mood and can make a space feel brighter and larger. However, you can achieve the same effect by choosing a soft white or slightly yellowed glow for your log cabin rooms over a harsh white or blue light in your living spaces. You can complement your lighting choices with gold, brass, copper, or bronze light fixtures in various styles and designs.

The softer lighting invites a relaxing appeal to your vacation retreat while paying homage to the golden tones of your cabin’s interior. If you’re thinking about doing a quick “log cabins for sale near me” Google search and make the purchase, consider how others maximize their lighting first. Many owners let the natural earthy tones of their log cabins guide them in choosing soft lighting and more gold and brass-toned fixtures. This approach not only enhances the cozy ambiance but also complements the rustic charm of the cabin, making it an ideal retreat for both work and leisure.


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Bring Your Personality to Life

You don’t have to furnish your log cabin with silhouettes of pine trees and bears and decorate solely with classic greens and rich browns. Your log cabin retreat can (and should) be richly decorated with your style in mind. The more you stray away from the cliche wood cabin decor trends of the past, the better!

Add a bright yellow coffee table to your living room, paint your log cabin door a vibrant turquoise, add glass-front cabinetry with mismatched knobs, and place mosaic tile in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. The possibilities are endless with your cabin interior design and you’re limited only by your imagination.

Have fun With Decorating Your Log Cabin

Still trying to figure out where to start? Consider classic cottage chic-turned-modern ideas or more streamlined touches you have enjoyed in other peoples’ homes to inspire you. Also, take into account the dimensions of your log cabin and its existing decor to help you maximize your space and make it as cozy as possible. Even tossing a few decorative couch pillows on your furniture can really liven up a room, so don’t think too hard and just have fun.

It’s your living space, so add the elements that bring you pure joy and comfort. In the end, you’ll realize it doesn’t take much to turn your log cabin into your very own cozy retreat.



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