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By: THURSD. | 25-11-2020 | 5 min read
Floral Trend Color

Thursd Reveals Floral Trend Color of the Year 2021:  SCORCHED EARTH (#e49e00 golden-yellow) For the 2021 floral design colors and trends, things are leaning yellow. A splash of orange, crimson, earthy colors, soft whites, and greens, all emphasize a balance in the overly yellow palette that trendwatchers see for 2021. Thursd aims to increase awareness of sustainability in floriculture with the Thursd floral trend color 2021, named Scorched Earth. A golden-yellow color.


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Flower Industry Meets Environment

It is an important subject, sustainability in the floral industry. Climate change affects us all. And mostly, we affect the change of the climate. By finding a name for the floral trend color for the year 2021, the impressive name Scorched Earth was chosen. With this name, attention is drawn, and awareness is created of the possible consequences of climate change.


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We Can All Contribute

Scorched Earth can be interpreted both positively and negatively. The urge to do something is emphasized, as well as the positive impact that we are already making in the flower industry. It also highlights the existing initiatives in floriculture in which people are working together to be part of the solution. You can read more about all the initiatives in this article on Thursd: Sustainable Initiatives in Floriculture. As people from the flower industry, we can all contribute to these global issues to some extent. And that's exactly what we do, we contribute. There are many examples of impressive floral industry initiatives with regard to sustainability.



Thursd Floral Trend Color 2021

Together, industry ambassadors evolve and redefine the topic of sustainability. A topic which is of global interest. Floral designers, artists and industry leaders share their thoughts and designs in the floral trend color 2021. Over 40 floral designers from all over the world contribute to to create awareness and attention. With designs in the Scorched Earth color palette and telling why the theme Scorched Earth is important to them. The floral trend color Scorched Earth unites and makes floral designers, and other industry professionals work towards a positive impact, together. From today onwards, floral designers from all over the world are challenged to post their floral designs in the Scorched Earth color palette on their social channels with the hashtags #scorchedearthcolor #floraltrendcolor #thursdcolor2021 #scorchedearth, to be highlighted on


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A brand as influential as Thursd can have an impact on people's way of thinking and acting. By choosing a floral trend color 2021, which is linked to sustainability, Thursd uses its voice to speak to the creators in the floral industry.



A Sustainable Color Palette

The sustainable floral trend color of 2021 – Scorched Earth – is represented by a vibrant golden yellow color. (#e49e00). Starting at a sunlit hue, the color palette moves from a bright orange towards a slightly broken yellow where it lingers hopefully and results in a gloomy yellow-beige symbolizing the destroyed earth. The overall mindset in the Scorched Earth-themed floral designs is that these main yellow-toned colors - which play a leading role in the color palette - are about representing a positive approach for all floriculture people that will energize the mindset in the floral industry.



Scorched Earth, Explained

With the Scorched Earth floral trend color of 2021, awareness is created of the consequences of climate change on our planet. Desertification is one of the many effects and forms the starting point of the color choice of this sustainability topic. A substantial alerting name such as Scorched Earth represents this effect and magnifies the shock wave the trend color is meant to create. The name of the color resembles the revelation of a place where problems lie. Our blind attack on the planet has changed the foundations of our living world. Desertification signifies the soil mortality of arid and infertile soil as a result of human activity. It leaves behind a scorched, mortal surface that once was.



A United Act For Global Awareness

By propagating a Scorched Earth trend color, each and every floral industry professional can join in expressing a growing need for solutions to climate change. It makes you stand still and reflect on the effects of the growing mortality of the earth's surface - scorched earth - and point our mutual ideals in the right direction. A need for progress unites designers and other endorsers from our floriculture industry. What better way than to put our hands together and create awareness by starting to design from an idealistic and sustainable-focused mindset?



These Industry Professionals are Part of the Change

The prospect of the rise of global warming acts as an instigator for awareness. This awareness and the need to express it results in the combined work of designers worldwide and collaborations throughout the floral industry. Their connection to, and their personal interpretation of, sustainability in the flower industry is what led them to their Scorched Earth trend color designs.


International renowned designers such as Timo Bolte, Solomon Leong, Per Benjamin, and Holly Chapple have translated their thoughts into a personal design based on this trend color palette. Industry professionals from all over the world contributed by either supplying flowers, contributing as an expert blogger or sharing their knowledge about this topic.




The steps we all take towards a difference, are those that matter. Let's 'flower' the #scorchedearth together on social media, and bring more balance between the positive and negative that is related to sustainability in the floral industry. You can read more about it in this article on Thursd: Show off Your Scorched Earth Floral Designs. #scorchedearth #thursdfloraltrendcolor #scorchedearthcolor #floraltrendcolor.


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