Decorum Introduces Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon From Together2Grow

These alstros have notably large stripeless flowers with a soft yet fresh salmon color. The contrasting dark green foliage really makes the flowers pop.

By: THURSD. | 01-06-2022 | 2 min read
Now on the markets

Intenz Salmon is the newest alstroemeria from grower Together2Grow. This new variety is grown with passion and attention and sold with the well-known and trusted Decorum brand.

Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon

Breeder Royal Van Zanten has extended its product line of Intenz Alstroemeria varieties that already contained Intenz Dark Pink and Intenz Pink. The latest addition is Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon. These alstros have notably large stripeless flowers with a soft yet fresh salmon color. The contrasting dark green foliage really makes the flowers pop.


Together2Grow Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon - on Thursd


Possibilities for Florists, Event Designers, and Consumers

Altogether, Intenze Salmon offers many new combination possibilities for florists and event designers. This new Alstroemeria will work well as a color accent in trendy bohemian bouquets. The large flowers of Intenz Salmon are also surprisingly beautiful in trendy bridal bouquets and funeral arrangements.

For consumers, both a bouquet and a mono bunch will fit in practically any interior. It's a feast in the vase. The excellent quality of the flower, stem, and leaf ensures that the consumer can enjoy Intenz Salmon for a very long time.

Sustainable Cultivation

It's a major topic these days; sustainable floriculture. Rest assured, the alstro growers are doing an excellent job. The alstroemeria cultivation in the Netherlands is one of the most sustainable crops in our sector. Royal Van Zanten is constantly looking for opportunities in its breeding program to make cultivation even more sustainable, and Decorum grower Together2Grow also implements innovations and modernizations in which sustainability plays an important role.

Intenz Salmon is not only an asset when it comes to appearance, this new Alstroemeria is also a particularly strong variety that can be grown sustainably at low temperatures.


Images by H. Star Bloemengroothandel



The all-new Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon comes from breeder Royal Van Zanten and is grown by grower Together2Grow for the Decorum brand.

It's available all year round, starting mid-May 2022. Intenz Salmon is sold at the auction clocks of Royal FloraHolland in the Netherlands with a large supply of no less than 10,000 stems per week. Next to that, this novelty is available directly at Decorum.


Decorum Banner on Thursd 2022-02


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