Eight Tranquil Bedrooms With Striking Nature Views

These minimalist bedroom interiors makes the scenery the protagonist of these spaces.

By: THURSD. | 19-07-2023 | 6 min read
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Do you want to sleep in a serene space beside nature? Here are eight bedrooms with peaceful interiors where glazing has been maximized and clutter has been minimized to keep the focus on the vistas, from places in New Zealand to Patagonia.

Eight Bedrooms That’ll Connect You With Nature and Give You a Sense of Tranquility

When a home is in a spectacular location, whether overlooking Lake Tahoe or Chile's jagged coastline, installing massive floor-to-ceiling windows is a no-brainer. The true secret, though, is to construct pared-back interiors that don't detract from the natural vistas, with minimal furnishings and a natural material palette that invites the outside in. These eight tranquil bedrooms with striking nature views will for sure make you want to travel and add them to your next bucket list.

1. Kawakawa House in New Zealand by Herbst Architects

Herbst Architects created the architectural masterpiece 'Kawakawa House' in the lovely coastal village of Piha, New Zealand. The clerestory window that encircles the entire home, establishing a seamless connection between the interior and the breathtaking natural surroundings, is one of its most fascinating characteristics. This clever architectural decision allows an abundance of soft, filtered light to come in through a mesmerizing canopy of the New Zealand Christmas tree, named 'pohutukawa' by the indigenous Maori, providing a quiet and tranquil mood within the bedroom.


Kawakawa House in New Zealand
Photo: Patrick Reynolds


Outside, the play of light and shadow is translated into the internal spaces of Kawakawa House. The walls are completed in dark birch, which adds to the dappled look, while the ceilings are done in light plywood. These contrasting materials not only offer visual appeal but also function by drawing the warmth of the sun deep into the living rooms, producing an attractive and comfortable environment for its residents.

2. Estancia Morro Chico in Argentina by RDR Architects

Wood, leather, and wool lend warmth to an otherwise bare bedroom, which belongs to a sheep-farming family in remote Patagonia. A floor-to-ceiling window takes use of the region's shifting sunshine while offering views of the adjacent 27,000-hectare property and the wild steppe beyond.


Estancia Morro Chico
Photo: Javier Agustin Rojas

The general aesthetics of the project were inspired by the traditional architecture of the region, which demonstrated extreme austerity and almost primitive simplicity as stated by the Argentinian architecture firm.

3. Niliaitta in Finland by Studio Puisto

In the lack of bedside tables, a custom-made bed is positioned right in front of a glazed wall in this lodge near Finland's Salamajärvi National Park. To avoid competing with the natural view, Studio Puisto limited furniture to a minimum and covered practically all surfaces in the same pale wood.


Niliaitta in Finland by Studio Puisto
Photo: Marc Goodwin

The interior is done purposefully so that it would only serve as a neutral blank canvas, second to the nature outside. This is definitely one of the eight serene bedrooms with striking nature views that are worth visiting once in your life!

4. Matopos in Australia by Atelier Andy Carson

Atelier Andy Carson set out to establish a minimalist setting for gallerist Judith Neilson's personal collection of art and furniture when it restored her home. Meanwhile, finishes and window placements throughout the house were chosen to honor the adjacent Freshwater Beach, with the window seat in the primary bedroom providing the greatest views.


Matopos in Australia by Atelier Andy Carson
Photo: Felix Forest

As shared by the talented architectural team, they thoughtfully placed windows frame vistas of the sea, while polished plaster interior walls reflect views of the blue and yellow hues of ocean and sand back into the home to give the visitor a complete experience with a lovely interior and nature at the same time. One thing's for sure— this view is like no other!

5. House in Los Vilos in Chile by Ryue Nishizawa

Perched on the mesmerizing Pacific coast of Chile, the 'House in Los Vilos', designed by renowned architect Ryue Nishizawa, is a testament to architectural innovation. One of its most awe-inspiring features is the bedroom, artfully carved into the cliffside, offering an unparalleled connection with nature. With a glass front and a private terrace, this place provides panoramic vistas of crashing waves and rugged rocks, immersing its inhabitants in the raw beauty of the coastal landscape.


House in Los Vilos in Chile by Ryue Nishizawa
Photo: Cristobal Palma


Throughout the space, the exposed board-marked concrete slab roof takes center stage, showcasing its raw and organic texture. This bold design choice not only adds a sense of drama and uniqueness to the interior but also serves as a visual reminder of the structural prowess of the building.

6. Shelter in Sweden by Vipp

The Shelter by Vipp, located on the tranquil banks of Lake Immeln in Sweden, is a prefabricated hut that represents the perfect mix of simple design and natural beauty. A surprising feature awaits within this modest yet pleasant area in the form of a large skylight that spans the ceiling of the loft bedroom. This cleverly built skylight immerses users in the impression of sleeping beneath the great expanse of open sky, creating a genuinely mystical experience.


Vipp architects sweden room
Photo: Vipp Studio

The interior of the Shelter has a monochrome style to keep the focus on the heavenly splendor above. Moody lighting fixtures add to the intimate atmosphere by giving a soothing glow that adds to the impression of calm. 

7. Lookout House in the USA by Faulkner Architects

A massive bed is diagonally positioned in the center of this room, thus displacing all other furniture while taking full advantage of the home's magnificent Lake Tahoe view.


Lookout House in the USA by Faulkner Architects
Photo: Joe Fletcher

The interior was designed by Californian firm Faulkner Architects, who used local materials such as volcanic basalt, concrete built from local sand, and walnut wood supplied from orchards in the surrounding Sierra foothills. The studio says that the quiet built environment is muted in color and tonality throughout the house, allowing the landscape outside to be the focus.

8. Casa X in Australia by Branch Studio Architects

Branch Studio Architects' beautiful architectural jewel, Casa X, graces the gorgeous scenery of Phillip Island near Melbourne, Australia. The bedrooms in this magnificent home feature dramatic slanted ceilings that are tastefully decorated in pale wood paneling. These lofty ceilings give a sense of grandeur and vastness, enveloping the inhabitants in an aura of tranquillity and natural beauty. Bedside pendant lights suspended from the highest points of these slanted ceilings delicately illuminate the space, bringing a touch of elegance and usefulness to the design.


Casa X in Australia by Branch Studio Architects
Photo: Peter Clarke


One of the bedrooms' walls is covered with expansive windows, providing beautiful views of the property's surrounding trees. Despite its coastal position, its smart glazing placement assures isolation, creating a calm oasis where inhabitants may immerse themselves in nature's tranquility while yet enjoying a sense of seclusion.


Know that you know more about places that are filled with natural light and nature-filled spaces all around, which one will be your next travel destination?


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