This Is the Elegant and High-Productive Rose Mont Royal

A fitting name from the ranks of Jan Spek Rozen, a breeder that bears the royal title 'Purveyor to the Court'.

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Did you visit IFTF in November 2023? Then you could impossibly miss the booth from rose breeder Jan Spek Rozen. This booth was filled with all their latest and best roses that find their way from growers in Africa and South America to high-end florists and floral consumers with an appetite for top-notch roses.

One variety that certainly drew the attention was the recently introduced Rose Mont Royal, a fitting name for this breeder that may bear the royal title 'Purveyor to the Court' since 1990.

Rose Mont Royal

The pure white Rose Mont Royal epitomizes the fusion of traditional elegance and modern horticultural excellence, emerging as an exceptional choice for winter floral designs and bouquets, bringing together the timeless allure of roses with the specific demands of contemporary flower markets. This rose offers both high productivity for growers and an elegant design for florists and consumers.


Paul Holla Rose Mont Royal quote


Rose Mont Royal in a hand on Thursd


Its productivity is a key consideration for growers. A rose's productivity is essentially what the plant yields in terms of flower output. For a variety to be viable, especially at high altitudes like in Naivasha, Kenya, it needs to offer substantial returns. The Rose Mont Royal variety boasts a productivity of 200+ stems per square meter, averaging around 2.3 flowers per plant per month. This level of productivity is not only desirable but necessary for the profitability of farms.

At the heart of Rose Mont Royal's appeal is its striking beauty. The flower features an eccentric yet refined aesthetic, characterized by its pristine white color. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of decorative themes, particularly in winter designs where its pure white blooms can symbolize freshness and tranquility amidst the colder months.


Rose Mont Royal raw in greenhouse on Thursd


Unparalleled White Color

What sets Rose Mont Royal apart in a market saturated with various white rose varieties is its unparalleled pure white color. This distinctive feature captures the attention of growers and florists alike. Upon first glance, the rose presents a strikingly pure and astonishing white tone, unmatched by any other variety in the market. This characteristic alone has positioned it as a highly desirable addition to the range of white roses available worldwide.

Rose Mont Royal by Jan Spek Rozen is not just another addition to the plethora of rose varieties available; it is a symbol of horticultural innovation and aesthetic excellence. Its perfect white color, high productivity, excellent transportability, moderate thorniness, and extraordinary vase life make it a compelling choice for growers and florists. As the rose gains global recognition, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and forward-thinking approach of Jan Spek Rozen in the world of rose breeding.


Rose Mont Royal vase at IFTF 2023
Rose Mont Royal at IFTF 2023


Grown by Holla Roses in Ethiopia

Rose Mont Royal works like a charm in the Ethiopian highlands. Grower Holla Roses is particularly fond of this big white flower, ranking it their top white rose. Holla's nursery Ziway Roses

Paul Holla comments:

"We have finally found the most beautiful white rose for Africa! With its beautiful large bud formation, as a rose should be and its shelf life, we now really have a winner. In terms of growth, we are very satisfied with this variety, good length, and a very nice growing crop."


Rose Mont Royal in vase at Holla Roses
Rose Mont Royal during a blooming test at Holla Roses


Adaptability and Market Appeal

In terms of adaptability, Rose Mont Royal excels. The rose is suitable for different markets, with a focus on varieties that yield an average of 60-70cm stems, which cater specifically to the European and American markets. Its ability to transport well is another key feature. During transit, the tall head and protective sepals maintain their perfect shape, ensuring the flowers arrive at their destination in pristine condition. This aspect of transportability is crucial for international demand and distribution.


Jan Spek Rose Mont Royal longevity


The rose's thorniness is described as moderate, which is an important consideration for florists and handlers. Thorns that are not overly aggressive make the rose easier to handle and arrange, adding to its appeal in the floral industry.

One of the most critical aspects of Rose Mont Royal is its vase life. A long vase life indicates the flower's resilience and durability, making it a more appealing choice for both growers and end consumers. This longevity ensures that these roses maintain their beauty and structural integrity for an extended period after cutting, making them ideal for bouquets and floral arrangements that require lasting appeal.


Rose Mont Royal selfie at IFTF 2023
Taking selfies with Rose Mont Royal selfie at IFTF 2023


Jan Spek Rozen: A Legacy of Excellence

The breeder behind Rose Mont Royal, Jan Spek Rozen, is a testament to the blend of time-honored values and modern rose breeding methodologies. Established in 1890, the company has a long-standing history of creating roses that cater to professional growers worldwide, ranging from Europe to Africa and from South America to Asia. Their specialty lies in their ability to understand and respond to the diverse needs of growers across different continents, climates, and market demands.


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