Erik Spek
Jan Spek Rozen Is Taking the Future Into Its Own Hands Director Erik Spek explains why and how their company has come to this decision.
Sep 13 | 5 min read
Barbie themed arrangement with roses
10 Pink Roses That Barbie Would Choose The timing couldn’t be better for the flurry of passion around Barbiecore and the millions of pink flowers involved.
Jul 26 | 6 min read
Nicu Bocancea bridge Rose Minion Rose
Building a Bridge With the Minion Rose Nicu Bocancea's yellow arch of flowers at the West Side Flower Fest
Magical Art of Breeding feature on Thursd
The Magical Art of Breeding Flowers and Plants How are new horticultural beauties created and discovered? And are you a breeder?
Explorer Rose featured
Explorer Rose is Amongst the Most Sought-After Red Roses This red rose has long been a symbol of love, passion, and romance, making it a popular choice for special occasions. The deep red color adds a touch of sophistication to any flower arrangement.
Apr 05 | 4 min read
Rose Mont Royal featured
A Sneak Peek of Rose Mont Royal by Jan Spek Rozen Looking for a new white rose addition in your farm? Rose Mont Royal might be just what you're looking for.
Mar 08 | 4 min read
Jan Spek Rozen Rose Sophia Loren feature on Thursd
Rose Sophia Loren Will Enchant You With Her Pink Delicacy This is what pink love looks like in a rose and every reason why you need this pink stunner in your day-to-day rose life.
Feb 22 | 4 min read
Rose Sunset Hearts cut flower on Thursd feature
Rose Hearts Is Ideal For Valentine's Day Do you want Rose Hearts to be your cupid for Valentine's Day? Look no further!
Jan 26 | 3 min read
Rose Noelia featured on Thursd
Rose Noëlia Is the White Angelical Rose That Is Fully Trending Named as novelty of the year back in October 2021 during the FlowerExpo in Moscow, this white stunning rose continues to charm and conquer everyone with its natural beauty.
Dec 13 | 4 min read
Passion red roses featured on Thursd
The 11 Best Roses in Passion Red Color Have you always been a red rose fan? These are the top red rose varieties you surely don't want to miss out on seeing. 3,2,1, get ready to see the red queens!
Nov 17 | 5 min read
Jan Spek Rozen - Purveyor to the Court and Consumers feature on Thursd
Purveyor to the Court and Consumers This traditional yet modern rose breeder perfectly combines reliability with the ultimate quality.
Nov 02 | 4 min read
Rose Monte Carlo Shows Its Beauty in All Its Simplicity feature - on Thursd
Rose Monte Carlo Shows Its Beauty in All Its Simplicity in These Three Designs "I used the red roses's association with love and passion in a different way than the usual symbolism during a first dating, Valentine's Day, engagements, or weddings."
May 18 | 3 min read

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