Rose Breeding Explained
There's Much More Into Cut Rose Breeding Than You Might Think Learning more about the art of rose growing at Jan Spek Roses, a Royal Company.
Jun 19 | 9 min read
Shopping Mall for Rose Growers
The Shopping Mall for Rose Growers in Naivasha Nini Farm is now an epicenter for rose breeders to show case their best varieties, its accessible, and convenient for every visitor.
Jun 13 | 5 min read
Rhino Charge: An Exhilarating Race for Environmental Conservation
Rhino Charge - An Adrenaline-Charged Race to Preserve Nature and the Environment Monstrous racing machines and nature meet in this event that sees several institutions come together for a conservation cause.
Jun 12 | 6 min read
Keukenhof Rose Show photo moment feature
The Rose Show at Keukenhof Is Amazing 180,000 people will see these roses in just one week! This is the largest rose show in the Netherlands and far beyond!
Garden Special Spray
A Glimpse of Luxury and Class With Garden Special Spray Roses From Jan Spek Rozen Premium quality, exclusively sort-after flowers, the perfect touch of luxury and class.
Mar 06 | 3 min read
​Nini Flowers Hosts Different Breeders for Their Open Days
Kenya’s Nini Flowers Hosts Different Breeders for Their Open Days An event that presents an opportunity for breeders to engage and interact with growers and their other customers.
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts Says It All to Your Valentine Let this gorgeous rose be your Cupid and speak the words of love for you.
Feb 07 | 3 min read
Red Roses Perfect for the Festive Season and Christmas Holidays
These Are Some of the Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas Rich blooms that are an eternal demonstration of love and affection that is spread by these holidays.
Dec 13 | 11 min read
Jan Spek Rozen Mont Royal feature on Thursd
This Is the Elegant and High-Productive Rose Mont Royal A fitting name from the ranks of Jan Spek Rozen, a breeder that bears the royal title 'Purveyor to the Court'.
Nov 29 | 4 min read
Flowers from Colombia
Colombian Flowers When it comes to the origins of the Colombian flower industry, it's a tale as rich and vibrant as the flowers themselves.
Barbie themed arrangement with roses
10 Pink Roses That Barbie Would Choose The timing couldn’t be better for the flurry of passion around Barbiecore and the millions of pink flowers involved.
Oct 01 | 6 min read
Erik Spek
Jan Spek Rozen Is Taking the Future Into Its Own Hands Director Erik Spek explains why and how their company has come to this decision.
Sep 13 | 5 min read

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