The FleuroStar Competition 2023

Whichever variety takes home the coveted title this year, flower lovers everywhere will undoubtedly enjoy the 'Wow Factor'.

By: THURSD. | 07-06-2023 | 4 min read
The FleuroStar Competition 2023

The annual FleuroStar Contest is a high-profile event in the world of horticulture, taking place alongside the renowned FlowerTrials in week 24, hosted both in Germany and the Netherlands. This exciting contest welcomes striking new plant entries from diverse companies and displays them at eight key locations.

An esteemed panel of judges, representing a wide cross-section of experts from plant breeding, production, and retail sectors, as well as accomplished trade journalists and marketing specialists, confer to decide the champion plant. The winner is the variety that creates the highest visual impact at point of sale, earning the coveted title of the 'Winner with the Wow Factor' at the grand FleuroStar Award Ceremony, which takes place on 15th June.

Who Will Follow in the Footsteps of Petunia Grandiflora Bee's Knees?

Following the trail blazed by Petunia Grandiflora Bee's Knees from Florensis/Ball, six notable companies – Brandkamp, Dümmen Orange, Florensis, MNP / Suntory, Prudac, and Selecta One – have put forth their most spectacular new plants for Fleuroselect’s FleuroStar Contest this year. Let's take a closer look at the six strong contenders vying for the top spot:

Capsicum annuum - Purple Sunset F1 by Prudac

Spice up your green space with the trendsetting Capsicum annuum Purple Sunset from Prudac. This variety's fashionable fruits transition from a deep violet to a rich golden yellow, and finally to a stunning red. The dark green foliage creates a striking contrast, making this plant a truly modern addition.


Fleurostar 2023 entry Capsicum annuum - Purple Sunset F1 by Prudac


The compact growth of Pepper Purple Sunset F1 allows for cultivation in smaller pots, a fact that will certainly delight growers, retailers, and consumers alike with its vibrant presentation options and sustainable growing practices.

Fuchsia - Ballerina™ Arabesque by Dümmen Orange

Prepare for the striking debut of Ballerina™ Arabesque! This new Fuchsia hybrid by Dümmen Orange showcases large, elegant red and white flowers reminiscent of tiny, dancing ballerinas. Its day-neutral flowering and compact, well-branching nature make it an excellent choice for diverse growing conditions and presentation options.


Fleurostar 2023 entry Fuchsia - Ballerina™ Arabesque by Dümmen Orange


The contrast between Arabesque’s bi-coloured double flowers and fresh green leaves, along with its continuous flowering throughout the summer season, will surely capture the hearts of retailers and consumers.

Impatiens walleriana - Glimmer™ Appleblossom by Florensis

Experience the magic of Glimmer™ Appleblossom from Florensis. This double-flowered Impatiens walleriana brings fairytale vibes to your garden with its large, pale, rose-like blooms. Its well-branched, mounded plants are resistant to Plasmopara destructor, a pathogen that causes downy mildew on busy Lizzie.


Fleurostar 2023 - Impatiens walleriana - Glimmer™ Appleblossom


This extraordinary variety is perfect for pots, hanging baskets, or patio containers, captivating retailers and consumers with its iridescent pale pink blooms.

Lantana Camara - Playa Sun Juana by Selecta One

If you're in the market for a sunny, low-maintenance colour sensation, look no further than Lantana Camara Playa Sun Juana. This stunning Lantana camara variety, presented by Selecta One, transitions from yellow-orange to bright magenta flowers as they mature.


Fleurostar 2023 Lantana


Not only will this variety capture the attention of retailers and consumers alike at point of sale, but its heat resistance, continuous summer-long flowering, and magnetic attraction to pollinators also make it a highly desirable choice for any green space.

Mandevilla - Sundaville® Double Blush Pink by MNP / Suntory

Prepare to be swept off your feet by Sundaville® Double Blush Pink, the first double-flowered Mandevilla brought to you by MNP / Suntory. Its deep cream-pink flowers provide a delightful contrast against its emerald-green leaves.


Fleurostar 2023


The consistency and innovation of the Sundaville® range will captivate growers, while its abundant, richly branching flowers will be an eye-catching addition to hanging baskets or containers at the point of sale.

Pelargonium zonale - Solfaro Lisboa by Brandkamp

Experience a holiday vibe in your garden with Solfaro Lisboa, a novel addition to the Pelargonium series by Brandkamp. This bi-colored Pelargonium zonale showcases charming white/pink flower clusters above lush green leaves.


Fleurostar 2023 Pelargonium zonale - Solfaro Lisboa


The beautiful blooms and uniform growth of Solfaro Lisboa make it a highly appealing choice for consumers, especially in containers or bedding.

Whichever variety takes home the coveted title this year, flower lovers everywhere will undoubtedly enjoy the 'Wow Factor' these stunning entries bring to their green spaces.


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