The Only True Yellow Petunia Grandiflora Bee’s Knees Wins FleuroStar Award 2022-23

Breeders Florensis (Europe) and Ball (US) collaborate to make this intensely shining cutting-edge outdoor plant a worldwide success.

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Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plant industry, is proud to announce that the FleuroStar Award 2022-23 has been awarded to Petunia Grandiflora Bee’s Knees from Florensis. Hagen Kalläne, Retail and Marketing Manager, and Marjolein Kuyucu-Lodder, International Product Marketeer, accepted the prize from Fleuroselect President Karol Pawlak and Secretary-General Ann Jennen.

FleuroStar Awards 2022

Petunia Grandiflora Bee’s Knees from  Florensis  was competing against Alstroemeria Colorita® Claressa ( Royal Van Zanten), Begonia rex SpaceStar Maia ( Beekenkamp ), Calibrachoa x hybrida Fancy Francy ( Selecta One ), Dahlia hybrida Hypnotica® Rose Swirl ( Dümmen Orange ), Iberis x hybrida Mermaid Lavender ( Syngenta Flowers Europe ) and Tropic Lantana Ibis (Brandkamp). 

You can see all the products, and all contestants here: 'FleuroStar 2022 Award Ceremony Is One You Cannot Miss'




The arrival of Petunia Bee’s Knees marks a new yellow. Breeders Florensis (Europe) and Ball (US) collaborate to make this intensely shining cutting-edge outdoor plant a worldwide success. It is the bee's knees all the way!

Bee’s Knees… What?

The name Bee’s Knees comes from an expression. If something is said to be 'the bee's knees' it is 'excellent - the highest quality. It is simply the best yellow Petunia there is! A real bright yellow in petunias is quite a game-changer. And, it survives both heavy rains as well as warm sunlight and keeps its yellow color all summer long. 



The jury, which consist of 32 people from different countries around the world, commented: 

"A new benchmark for yellow Petunias and an incredible eye-catching yellow! One can't really imagine the intensity of this color in photos, but when seen in real life the radiance of the flowers is amazing. Its weather tolerance makes this novelty special, and it has a good presentation in small and bigger pots. Petunia Grandiflora Bee’s Knees will extend the colour opportunities within the Petunia variety." 


Bees Knees FleuroStar Award 2022- on Thursd


The Bee's Knees USPs

There are many perfect reasons to get your hands on these new arrivals. These are the top three reasons, according to Florensis:

•    Bee's Knees are the best intense yellow Petunia 
•    They are suitable for bigger pots and baskets 
•    The plants resist heavy rains and warm sunlight



Jury Panel Representing the Full Spectrum of the Industry

An independent panel of over 30 expert judges from within the industry - breeders, young plant producers, growers, retailers, trade journalists, and marketing experts - scored the varieties on visual impact at the point of sale and commercial potential. Each jury member has seen the plants in close proximity at one of the eight locations that exhibit FleuroStar entries during FlowerTrials® in The Netherlands and Germany. 

Gerard Werink, member of the FleuroStar Jury:

"Even though the hybrid judging system of the past two years with local judges seeing the plants in real and the foreign experts taking part in online viewings proved to be remarkably efficient, we are thrilled that this year each member of our international jury could see the physical plants again at one or several contest locations. We are grateful that key players such as B&Q, Obi, Intratuin, Blumen 2000, Jardiland, Waterdrinker, Royal Lemkes, and Royal FloraHolland evaluate our candidates. The diversity and expertise of our jury contribute to the continuous success and integrity of the FleuroStar Award."



About FleuroStar

The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials® in week 24 in The Netherlands and Germany. The competing varieties are grown by the entering companies and in 2022 were displayed at eight contest locations to generate maximum visibility. All FlowerTrials® visitors have the opportunity of seeing the competing entries at close range. 


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