Your Weekly Dose of Floral Art With Vaisselle

According to the owner Léa Zana, the world needs more flowers and more color, reason why she created Vaisselle.

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Floral Art
Vaisselle art

Flowers can be used for everything and anything and this includes art, of course! They can be used to create artistic pieces from scratch and this is exactly what Vaiselle does. These fantastic pieces, created by Léa Zana will show you what artistic creativity is about and how she and her team implement floral designs in each piece.

All About Vaisselle by Léa Zana

Vaisselle is a modern homewares brand. Each design is influenced by French tradition as well as antiques from all around the world, particularly India and the Mediterranean. The business designs components that are interchangeable so that you can develop your collection over time and create your own unique and playful aesthetic. Can you guess the best part about their artistic pieces? Yes, the use of blooming floral creations adhered, and skillfully painted into their designs.


Lea Zana Vaisselle owner
Léa Zana, Founder of Vaiselle


Léa Zana, a fashion-turned-tableware designer with a flair for diverse vintage styles, founded Vaisselle, a contemporary lifestyle brand. Her love of vivid mismatched ceramics stems from her youth spent searching French flea markets with her grandmother, and her expertise in couture design has prepared her with an ostentatious, yet handcrafted approach to her works.


Floral ceramic vases by Vaisselle


Vaiselle vases holding floral arrangements


In London, she thoughtfully designs each piece of Vaisselle tableware, which is subsequently handcrafted in Spain by two local artisans — a husband and wife partnership. To create the most elaborate designs, Léa's designs are painstakingly hand-painted onto ceramics and if you carefully observe her work, you'll notice that every piece has flowers involved. She loves the symbolism that flowers give to every one of her creations.


Vaiselle works of floral art


Where Does Her Inspiration Come From to Create These Marvelous Pieces for Home Decor?

The artist shares that she comes from a home full of girls. Her grandmother grew up in the 1930s, and for her, it was a moment of humanity and safety. Things were always well presented at her house; she would put out a tablecloth and use different cutlery for different meals, such as a little butter knife, a specific fork for the melon, and so on. Léa believes she's carrying on that sense of care and attention while modernizing and having fun with it and adding a special touch of flowery and blooms to her pieces. 


Lea Zana with flowers and her vase


It's more about 'what' than 'who' when it comes to inspiration. Her primary influences include nature, flowers, and Roman architecture. Every Vaisselle collection incorporates a flower theme, whether it's Goldilocks climbing a lime-washed wall or daisies from her late grandmother's garden. Léa was born in a French town surrounded by Roman ruins, which has had a significant influence on her creative side as well.



Making Each Piece Unique Through Thoughtful Techniques

The world needs a dose of art and colors every day to make it brighter and happier, don't you think? Adding color to your interior spaces is the best choice to enliven any corner and any table. Léa is a master when it comes to creating extraordinary table settings and table decor. The best part of her work is how she respects ancient techniques to produce small runs of ceramics and glassware which are intrinsically eco-responsible. Local white clay, lead-free paints, and natural pigments are used to lovingly create each piece.



The perfect way to adorn spaces with Vaisselle


To see more of her work and get involved in her floral pieces, visit Léa Zana's Instagram account.


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