Florist Special With Mark Colle

Learn more about this exceptional international florist with vast experience working with luxury brands like Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton among others.

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Mark Colle flower superstar

In this week's florist special, Mark Colle is the main floral superstar. When he was 15, he first started assisting at his parents' neighborhood florist. Sincerity be told, it took Mark some time before it truly ignited and converted into his lifetime passion. Don't miss out on this special florist edition featuring Mark Colle!

Florist Special of the Week With Mark Colle

The floral spectacle of Raf Simons’s Dior debut was the work of veteran Paris flower maestro Eric Chauvin and Antwerp-based florist Mark Colle, whose collaborations with Simons have put him and his flower business firmly on the rise.

Colle first caught the attention of the global fashion tribe when Simons enlisted him to create the six strikingly lush, plexiglass-encased bouquets that helped make the designer’s final show for Jil Sander, Autumn/Winter 2012, an unforgettable fashion moment. Nowadays, he does spectacular floral work and collaborates with luxurious and high-couture fashion brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton.


Floral designer Mark Colle
Prestigious floral designer, Mark Colle


A Florist With Exceptional Abilities Since He Was Young

The elaborate window displays at Colle's small, six-year-old store helped Simons find it, but he is not the only person to have noticed the young florist's quirky sense of style. Additionally, Colle has worked on projects for Dazed and Confused and Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Hermès, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Victor & Rolf among many other important brands. See also 'Spectacular Floral Installations That Will Get the Best of Your Eyes at First Glance'.


Prada flower design by Mark Colle
Prada flower design by Mark Colle, Stefano Negri, Luca Zampieri and Mark Kean


Unorthodox choices characterize Colle’s floral style. In a past interview with BoF, he mentioned how he likes 'ugly things'. He likes the challenge of working with flowers nobody else likes anymore, or buying five random bunches of flowers at a gas station and combining them until you get something truly amazing.


Floral installation for Lua Berlin
Floral installation for Lua Berlin by Mark Colle and Milena Kalojanov


His vision and thoughts about the floral industry resume on this:

"The impact of flowers is very underestimated — and also how much thought goes into it. Every flower I use is very carefully chosen. It can be quite overwhelming. And some ideas are decided at the very last minute, and suddenly you are in a position where you have to find 40,000 orchids where there are only 3,000 available and you have 36 hours left to find the remaining 37,000."


Orchid wall for Christian Dior Haute Couture
Orchid wall created by Mark Colle for the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show in Paris back in 2014


He thinks the similarity between the two fields is caused by the transient character of both fashion and flowers. According to Mark, flowers and fashion both change quickly; they arrive, bloom, and then vanish.


Mark Colle with a colorful floral arrangement
Mark Colle


Flowers Remind Him That Nothing Lasts Forever

Flowers have a fleeting beauty that increases your appreciation for them. They serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent. Working with flowers must be upbeat and cheerful at the same time. Mark Colle adores the fact that nothing he produces is ever durable.


Mark Colle floral artwork


Colle says:

"I absolutely love the fact that nothing I create lasts long. I would probably even find it depressing to know that everything I ever made still floats around somewhere on this planet. I like that everything is so instant. You can not start making something with fresh flowers, let it sit there for a week, and then continue. I think that’s what I love the most about what I do: there’s no time to think too much about it or reflect on it for too long. And color. I’m obsessed with color."


Floral display for Louis Vuitton by Mark Colle
Floral display for Louis Vuitton by Mark Colle


Mark Colle Is Recognized Worldwide for His Collaboration in the Dior Show 2012

To make a statement decor at the Dior show, run by Raf Simon back in 2012, Mark Colle had to study because he didn't understand much about the fashion industry. While it was simple to associate roses or the color pink with the house of Dior, he also wanted to include Raf Simons, just like the electric blue delphiniums or the acid yellow goldenrods. Colle adores the fact that none of his creations last for very long. Knowing that everything he's ever created is still floating around on this globe would likely make him feel depressed.


Fall color flower arrangement by Mark Colle


The main light shines on and points toward Mark Colle because everything he touches turns into pure flower magic. Curious to see what other projects he has been a part of? Make sure to visit Mark Colle's website to see his full flower portfolio.



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