Florist Special With Carolin Ruggaber

She is fascinated by the relationship between man and nature and tries to bring the fragility of this very relationship into focus in her art.

By: THURSD. | 21-02-2024 | 4 min read
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Carolin Ruggaber floral designer

Carolin Ruggaber, an esteemed and prominent floral designer and artist from Berlin is celebrated for her innovative approach to floral design, particularly her stunning large-scale installations. Her creations often combine traditional floral elements with modern artistic techniques, resulting in distinctive displays that reflect her personal creativity and styles. The uniqueness of her approach to floral design is what makes her stand out in the industry. In this week's florist special, you'll be able to connect and visually experience her work.

Floral Installations That Stun the Eyes by Carolin Ruggaber

Carolin Ruggaber is well-known for her floral design and concept-driven installations that incorporate natural resources of all kinds. She grew up in the Black Forest in Germany and is now based in Berlin, expressing all the influences of a big city, combined with her deep love of nature to create a distinct style of flower arrangements and floral installations. Now, what is it that sets her apart in the industry? How has she gained so much love from her followers and floral designers worldwide? You're about to find out more about her story and how she contributes to the spectacular work that floral designing is.


Floral installation artist Carolin Ruggaber
Berlin-based floral designer and artist, Carolin Ruggaber


After learning and applying all of the fundamentals of floral design for several years in Germany and Australia, Carolin became an official master florist in 2016. She graduated from the International Master School Academy of Flower Design in Zurich where because of her incredible talent, she received a triple award from the Academy at that time.


Florist special with Carolin Ruggaber


Carolin now works with her team in her Berlin-based studio, with over ten years of experience, specializing in floral styling, botanical set design, and floral installations — a type of design and floral style that has earned her a prestigious acknowledgment in the flower designing industry.


Innovative Approach to Floral Design

Her artwork with flowers lays at the crossroads of the urban man-made environment and pure wildness. Ruggaber is fascinated by the interaction between humans and nature. Through every design she creates, Carolin tries to convey fragility and vulnerability by bringing nature back into focus to celebrate its prominent beauty.

She is driven by nature's endless potential of fascinating shapes and colors which leads to a constant flow of new and exciting projects, which is what keeps her going and excited her the most of what's to come in her floral trajectory. Carolin, as the floral designer taking over this week's florist special definitely knows how to make her pieces dazzle, shine, and conquer the human eye. But what is it that inspires her to create such divine floral installations and arrangements?


Cosy amaranth floral design by Carolin
'Cozy Amaranth' floral design by Carolin


Nature and its seasons probably inspire her the most, but it's often very simple things like the contemplation of a single flower in the early morning, at the wholesale flower market, or taking a walk in nature. Carolin enjoys finding unique flowers and she frequently purchases a large bouquet because she thinks a flower is beautiful, unique, or has a particular color.

She says:

"I am constantly inspired. Art consists often of deciding on the best idea and sticking with it. I am always a friend of implementing and tackling things directly, because if you have an idea for too long and don't implement it, then it gets boring again or covered by new ideas. That's why I like to put ideas into action right away if it is possible."


Paeonia Metamorphosis floral installation
'Paeonia Metamorphosis'


Carolin Ruggaber's Eccentric Aesthetic and Style 

Ruggaber's signature style is characterized by a harmonious fusion of color, texture, and form. Her arrangements often feature an eclectic mix of blooms, foliage, and unconventional materials, creating dynamic visual narratives that evoke emotion and intrigue. Her way of designing is very puristic and often reduced to the essentials. Carolin likes things that are kept simple, so she often works just with one kind of flower in her installations, or perhaps two kinds of flowers.


Lush green botanical installation by Carolin Ruggaber


For her, these components are what make a good design for her. She also loves to put unconventional flowers in a different context. They work then very differently and suddenly have nothing at all to do with the prejudice with which one would probably have associated them.


Carolin Ruggaber floral designer from Berlin


Without a doubt, she has a very different and insightful approach to floral design, reason why she is rapidly climbing to the top as a top-tier floral designer, especially in Berlin. To see more of her installations, give yourself the time to scroll through Carolin Ruggaber's Instagram to get inspired and feel in awe.


Photos by @carolinruggaber.



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