Florist Special With Christina Yan of Bellevue Floral Co

As Christina always says - "An event doesn't come to life until the flowers arrive!"

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Christina Yan floral designer

Christina Yan, the owner of Bellevue Floral Co. is a design industry mover and shaker. Christina's design philosophy is based on much more than traditional floral technique, as she is well-known for her playful floristry style and ability to blend unique colors and textures. She runs her floral design business and event styling studio with locations in Napa and San Francisco, and Camino, a curated boutique in Napa. This week, she's part of the florist special.

Tune Into the Life of Renowned Floral Designer Christina Yan of Bellevue Floral Co

Christina, a self-taught florist, draws on her previous experience as an artist in various mediums to inform her style. The top-notch floral designer, who has worked as a wedding gown designer and created window displays for Anthropologie, is excited to share her unique story which got her to where she is in the present day plus her perspective on how to think outside the box when it comes to floral design.


Christina Yan of Bellevue Floral Co
Christina Yan, the Owner and Founder behind Bellevue Floral Co


Christinas partner in crime Tuli
Her partner in crime Tuli


Born in San Francisco and raised on the Peninsula, she now lives in Napa with her dog (and local celebrity!) Tulip, aka 'Tuli'. Christina attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied communication, art studio, and technology entrepreneurship. She worked as the Branding Director for a corporate food service contractor before launching her own business as a culinary brand consultant, food stylist, and photographer.


Christina smelling the roses
Christina in a beautiful landscape of red and pink roses


A beautiful floral design by Christina Yan
Beautiful floral scenes from a magical spring day with @stephanie_danielle and @jennyrogophoto


In 2015, she found herself unexpectedly at the San Francisco Flower Market and realized that, while food and photography would be her lifelong passions, flowers could be her true calling. By 2016, she set out to educate herself on everything flower-related, scouring YouTube for tutorials and developing her own techniques through trial and error. With determination, Yan quickly paved herself a life involved with flowers and flourishing in every aspect of her life and the rest is history.


Christina Yan working for Accent Decor
Christina Yan working with Accent Decor


PS: You may also recognize Christina from the premiere season of Full Bloom, a floral competition reality series on HBO Max. And not only that... but she was also listed in the top 50 wedding florists of 2023!


Christina with bright purple and red flowers


The Magic and Charm Behind Bellevue Floral Co

Bellevue Floral Co. is a boutique floral design and event styling studio with locations in Napa and San Francisco (they also travel!). Flowers are the entire team's love language, a medium through which each team member expresses emotions and commemorates significant life events. The studio combines traditional floristry principles with a modern, natural, and playful aesthetic.

Floral designs by Bellevue Floral Co
Floral designs by Bellevue Floral Co


Bellevue Floral Co

While being surrounded by flowers every day is a dream come true, one of the most rewarding aspects of Christina's job is getting to know her clients on a more personal level and assisting them in telling their own stories through flowers. What type of services does Yan offer in her so successful flower business? Keep reading to know more.


Mastering the art of floral installations with Christina Yan
Mastering the art of floral installations workshop with Christina Yan


The studio offers two tiers of design: Bespoke and Bisou. Bespoke is their full-service category offering highly customized floral design and installation work.

Their bespoke floral services are tailored to clients seeking a fully customized design experience. From an extensive visual proposal to the precise blend of hues that owner and lead designer Christina will hand-select for your arrangements, each design element is thoughtfully curated with your story in mind. Bellevue takes on a limited number of bespoke events per year to ensure an especially thorough and personalized experience for its clients.

For smaller events or those with more simple needs, Christina recommends exploring their Bisou offerings. These event florals were created to offer elevated floristry at reasonable prices with a low order minimum. Under this tier, they've curated a menu of their most frequently requested creations – each designed with Christina's signature style. Whether one is looking for a few arrangements for an intimate event or florals throughout a wedding, the Bisou tier is a great option for events of all sizes.


Christina framed by flowers


Additionally, Yan offers insightful and creative floral workshops to let your imagination run wild when it comes to creating with flowers, of course, under her supervision and techniques. Centered on community-building and hands-on learning, she has a unique, multi-faceted approach to education.


Workshops by Bellevue Floral Co
Workshops by Bellevue Floral Co.


If you wish to learn more about these and find the floral inspo you were looking for this week, visit Christina Yan's Instagram account and website.



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