Cakes With Florals? It's a Hell Yes for Julia 'Gallz' Gallay

Little did she know that when she started making cakes for her friends and family as a hobby, that it would turn into a full-time thing.

By: THURSD. | 10-04-2024 | 3 min read
Floral Art
Cakes and florals by Gallz

As a child, Julia Gallay preferred to watch the Food Network over cartoons. On weekends, instead of going to the playground, she dragged her parents to cookbook signings. Julia Gallay, who goes by 'Gallz', is 27 years old and runs her micro bakery, 'Gallz Provisions', out of her north Toronto kitchen. There, she creates gorgeous and delectable layer cakes but not just any layered cakes... she adds just the right amount of flowers to beautify every cake and give it a touch of incantation.

Gallz Provisions - Cakes With Flowers and a Purpose to Make Life More Delish

Julia started her Instagram account a couple of years ago when she was laid off from her job at a medical nutrition company. Through @gallzprovisions, she extensively shows her passion, her creativity, and her endless love for cooking and decorating her cakes not only with flowers but with objects that make her clients happy.


Julia Gallay of Gallz Provisions
Julia Gallay, Founder and owner of Gallz Provisions


Cakes with flowers by Julia Gallay


Five orders were placed in the bakery's first week of business. After seeing people were interested, Gallay started making a dozen cakes a week three months later. Nowadays, clients DM Gallay on Instagram with their preferred flavors, and she fulfills the request: Love for lemon turns into a buttermilk confection with whipped lemon-poppyseed ganache, cream-cheese buttercream, and lemon curd; a craving for chocolate turns into an espresso-soaked masterpiece with whipped-mascarpone ganache and coffee Swiss-meringue buttercream, but all of these with the magical touch of flowers on top to decorate.


Colorful cakes with florals


Seven foot cake by Gallz
A spectacular almost eight-foot-long cake by Gallz


There's nothing like a delicious cake topped with some of your favorite flowers. This is what makes her cakes extra special. Feel like you want one now? Yep, those are the feels Gallz gives.

Topping Off Each of Her Creations With Florals

Every cake is adorned with seasonal, fresh fruits and flowers, making each one a culinary masterpiece as well as a visual feast. Gallay, who was raised in a medical family and attended college to study science, claims that although becoming a professional baker was not what she had in mind for her career, her passion for science informs her work. She views butter, sugar, and flour less as ingredients and more as components of a delectable reaction, treating her kitchen as a laboratory. Her cakes are precisely made, which reflects her precision.


Flower cakes by Gallz Provisions


Julia shares:

"I've always stated that becoming an expert in my field is the one thing I want to be known for. I believe that since launching Gallz Provisions, I have become extremely proficient in this philosophy. Please understand that I still have a lot to learn and that I can always strive to be as well as do better. However, I am at least certain that I am making progress in that direction. What a ride it has been, thank you for following along and being here."


Julia Gallz cake artist


More than just sweets, Gallz's cakes are statements of happiness and the celebration that some of life's greatest moments come in bites of sweets and cakes. Every creation has a backstory that evokes feelings and memories long after the last crumb is consumed. Her creations capture the ethos of every occasion, be it a sophisticated wedding cake adorned with delicate petals or a birthday cake adorned with colorful or delicate-looking flowers.


Cakes with color fruits and flowers


Julia Gallz in her magic cooking

What makes Gallz unique is her ability to add arbitrariness and awe to her cakes. She transforms ordinary flowers into elaborate works of art that adorn her cakes like jewels because she sees the potential in every petal. To see all her cakey endeavors make sure to visit Gallz Provisions Instagram account.


Photos by @gallsprovisions.



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