Hofland Flowering Plants - Decorum Brand-pioneer and Advisor to the Next Generation

"Growing quality is in our blood"

By: THURSD. | 16-09-2020 | 3 min read

Co-founders of Decorum

Hofland Flowering Plants have been involved with Decorum from day one. Goos Hofland, already the third generation in the company, was one of the co-founders of this brand. Goos, nowadays in the role of advisor to the next generation: "It is super cool to be able to use so many high-quality products under this brand together with other growers." Quality of Decorum is the Leidmotif at Hofland Flowering Plants

Not Just about the Sleeve

Today, the company is successfully run by Goos' son Frank (sales manager) and daughter Annemiek (managing director). Annemiek: "Of course, it is not just about the sleeve or the label that you give the plant, but about the whole picture. Quality is the leitmotif throughout the nursery and this starts with breeding. The strongest, most beautiful varieties that bloom for a long time are chosen so that the consumer can enjoy them to the maximum."

In Our Blood

Annemiek carries out the family legacy with pride: "Our nursery is located in Naaldwijk, Westland. In our greenhouses, they grow various flowering plants, namely: Schlumbergera, Dianthus Oscar, Calibrachoa, Heliotropium, Argyranthemum, and Exacum Affine. The nursery has existed for more than 120 years and now the fifth generation of Hofland is at the helm: sister Annemiek and brother Frank. In the background, the older generation, brothers Goos and Peter, are present to pass on their many years of knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Growing quality is in Hofland's blood. The first generation, Jan Hofland, already won a prize in 1929 during the Westland Horticultural Exhibition for the best quality plants." Quality of Decorum is the Leidmotif at Hofland Flowering Plants


Hofland Flowering Plants put a clearly visible protective strategy for the environment. Annemiek: "Sustainability is also an important spearhead. Working with organic means is the basis in the care of the plants. We work as much as possible with organic promotants and care products, not only for ourselves but also for our fellow humans on this earth. We regularly carry out testing and, along with our own knowledge and experience, we also make use of the knowledge and experience of third parties. How wonderful it is to combine nature with nature!" "And by using a robot, water consumption can be adjusted to the needs of the plant. The irrigation water that remains is collected and reused. Materials that are no longer used are also separated for recycling. These are now twelve different types of waste. Geothermal energy is used to heat the greenhouses."

The Most Important Thing

Annemiek: "But the most important thing is the team of employees. Without these people there would not be a plant in the greenhouse. Our team consists of colleagues that have worked in our nursery for years and have gained the requisite knowledge and experience of our products over the years, as a result of which they are now specialized craftspeople.

Socially Responsible

"For more than 22 years, we have worked together with the Haeghe Groep from The Hague. The Haeghe Groep connects companies and people with a disadvantage in the employment market. These colleagues with a mild cognitive limitation feel at home among our plants, the majority of whom have worked for us for decades. They plant the cuttings under the supervision of colleagues. We are proud that we can contribute in this way to corporate social responsibility. Thanks to the dedication of every colleague at Hofland Flowering Pants, to their commitment, and enthusiasm in good and bad times, we can bring joy to consumers through our colorful plants. That makes for a smile!" Quality of Decorum is the Leidmotif at Hofland Flowering Plants


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