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Hofland Flowering Plants is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow plants of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum. At Hofland Flowering Plants the fifth generation is running the company. The main crop cultivated by the Hofland family is schlumbergera, but currently, they also grow exacum affine, dianthus, kalanchoë, and hibiscus grafted on rootstock. The hibiscus varieties are nurtured by fellow Decorum nursery Kwekerij Groenhof, after which they are grown to high-quality maturity in the greenhouse at Hofland. It’s a unique and beautiful collaboration within Decorum! Producing the best quality plants with love and respect for nature is what Hofland stands for. The Hofland family has decades of experience in cultivating schlumbergera, and the best quality is guaranteed by producing their own cuttings. In addition, the dianthus and schlumbergera are headed twice, which keeps the plants extremely bushy and uniform in height. All this work is done with love and respect for nature, by making as much use as possible of organic fertilizer and biological pest control. The Hofland family delivers their best plants each season with the compliments of Decorum.

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Hofland Flowering Plants Hofland Flowering Plants, Lange Broekweg 46, 2671 DV Naaldwijk, Nederland

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