5 Houseplants That'll Help You Achieve a Scandinavian Interior

The greenery will make your spaces pop out and makes for an extra cozy and lively home.

By: THURSD. | 10-01-2024 | 4 min read
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Plants that give the Scandi vibe

Scandinavian interior design is well-known around the world. Its strength is in keeping it as simple as possible, with a soothing color palette and natural materials. White and grey are frequently the dominant colors, and when combined with various types of wood, simple lines, a few woolly elements here and there, and green plants, it creates the ideal Scandinavian interior! Here are five plants that'll give your apartment that 'Scandinavian' vibe.

Achieve a Scandinavian Interior With These Five Houseplants

Plants, more than anything else, make an apartment feel more like a home. Plants are a great way to add color and a natural touch to a minimalist or neutral-colored apartment. They also help to purify the air and increase the humidity in the room. Scandinavian house plants, with their tall, thin, and minimalist-friendly structure, will bring your interior to life.


Scandi Chic interior style
A clear example of what the 'Scandinavian' interior style is (in terms of colors and textures)
Photo: @washplate


They're a great foliage accessory in a 'Scandi Chic' setting, and you can pair your plant with a rattan basket to add a simple pop of color and warmth to your home or apartment. These five houseplants are the perfect way to attain and pull off the full Scandi interior you've always wanted.


Scandinavian interior with rubber plant
A Scandi interior with a Rubber Plant adorning the corner
Photo: @iingriidfreiixa


1. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

The Rubber Fig plant, also known as Ficus Elastica, is a beautiful ornamental plant. It has forest-green leaves that are thick, shiny, and leathery. Its 'Tricolor' variant comes in pink, green, and cream — a lovely combination of colors for neutral interiors. It can reach a height of 100 cm (40 inches) when grown indoors.


A neutral scandi interior using the rubber plant
A Rubber Plant gives the 'Scandinavian' touch to the ambiance
Photo: @casa.copenhagen


The Rubber plant is relatively simple to maintain, making it one of the most popular options to carry through the Scandinavian interior. To soften the sharp edges of your Scandi-style space, place it in a corner for best results. In case you're also looking to purify your spaces, read more about how the Rubber plant can help in this.


A happy owner with her Ficus Elastica
Photo: @growingngrowing


2. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

Foliage plants win the prize in Scandinavian design, and the Snake Plant is a well-known example. It has stiff, pointed leaves and can grow to be 1.80-2.40 meters (6-8 feet tall). It also fits in with the Scandinavian feature of being functional; it removes toxins from the air and purifies it while also serving as decoration. The Snake Plant is one of the most difficult plants to kill in terms of care. You've got an ideal option for your interiors right here. Besides being a houseplant that looks fab in your living room, the snake plant is also ideal to place in your bedroom. Make sure to read about '10 Best Bedroom Plants to Decorate Your Room With' in case you want more ideas for a Scandi vibe!


Snake plant is one of the best plants for a scandi interior
The Snake Plant (on the right) is one of the best plants to have if you want to achieve a 'Scandi' interior
Photo: @lagomhomewood


3. Monstera Deliciosa Plant (Swiss Cheese)

The Monstera Plant (also known as Monstera Deliciousa) is native to the lush American rainforests and has oversized heart-shaped foliage with natural holes. Its elegance complements the minimalist Scandinavian style perfectly. If you're looking for an evergreen climber, look no further than the Monstera Plant!


Monstera is the perfect plant for a Scandinavian interior
Photo: @ourplantylifeinboston


It is another low-maintenance plant that represents longevity and respect. The Monstera Plant is an eye-catching addition to indoor Scandi-style spaces. If you're not sure what Monstera plant is best for your interior spaces, read the article 'All The Different Types of Monstera Plants You Want To Know About'

4. Aloe Vera Plant

No plant does a better job of combining style and functionality than the well-known Aloe Vera Plant. Its plump leaves contain a gel that heals burns and has incredible skin benefits. At the same time, its grey-green leaves add to the space's aesthetics.


Aloe Vera in a Scandi bathroom
An example of how the Aloe Vera Plant can be placed in a bathroom to achieve the Scandinavian vibe
Photo: @by_kimberley from Unsplash


Aloe Vera is a stemless plant that can reach a height of 100 cm (40 inches). It's a tough variety that can withstand a lot of neglect, so if you forget to water your Scandinavian decor plants, this one's for you. Did you know the Aloe Vera plant is considered to be a lucky plant to have around? It's time to make it part of your Scandi interior.


Aloe Vera fits the Scandi color palette perfectly
Photo: @hellokellybrito from Pexels


5. Sansevieria Plant

Sansevieria is a popular houseplant found in minimalist Scandinavian interiors. It is very easy to care for and grows in a variety of conditions, including the sun, shade, and even drafts, where other flowers die. Watering the flower should be done only once every week or two. If your sansevieria has grown, move it to a larger pot and place it on the floor.


Sansevieria plant in a neutral environment
Photo: @feeypflanzen

Green naturally brings you closer to nature, something that is very important in Scandinavian interiors. Because the base is so neutral, many plants fit perfectly into this interior! The greenery pops out and makes for an extra cozy and lively home.


Sansevieria houseplant in interiors
Photo: @zendengirl


To get you started, here are already 10 ideas for a sansevieria in your home!



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