Jet Fresh and Speaking Roses - Taking Roses to a New Level

In collaboration with Speaking Roses, Jet Fresh Flowers launches Rose Tattoos: a user-friendly system for embossing ink directly onto fresh petals.

By: THURSD. | 12-04-2022 | 4 min read
header Jet Fresh and Speaking Roses - Taking Roses to a New Level

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. are proud to announce their latest partnership with Speaking Roses. Jet Fresh is a family-owned and operated wholesaler, importer, distributor, and grower, located in Miami, FL. Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador is partnering with Speaking Roses to use their patented printing equipment and technology to take their Ecuadorian-grown roses to another level. This collaboration was brought about by New Bloom Solutions.

Custom-Printed Roses by Jet Fresh Flowers and Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses has developed a user-friendly and reliable flower printer that allows for embossing in bright and metallic-colored ink directly onto fresh petals at an average rate of 6-10 petals per minute. The printer has the ability to print photos, monograms, logos, greetings, signatures, icons, and more on both fresh and preserved roses. Whether it’s for weddings and other special events, corporate events, gift-giving, trade shows, or product launches, custom-printed roses are an excellent favor.


Jet Fresh Flowers Rose Tattoos - on Thursd



Rose Tattoos

Jet Fresh Flowers’ new launch is called “Rose Tattoos” by Speaking Roses. They’re utilizing the Speaking Roses system to give customers the ability to send Jet Fresh Flower Growers a logo or monogram and have it custom-embossed on their premium-quality Ecuadorian-grown roses.

The process of color-enhancing and “tattooing” the roses is done directly on the Jet Fresh farm in Ecuador. This allows the farm a unique capability of applying the Speaking Roses “Rose Tattoos” on both natural and color-enhanced roses freshly harvested from Jet Fresh Flower Growers.

Ryan Black, the Marketing/Media Director at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors said the following about their new collaboration:

“We plan to push the limits of this equipment to create new ways of experiencing roses and flowers.”


Logo printed on Rose - Speaking Roses on Thursd


Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. is located 2,896 meters above sea level, in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. The boutique farm produces over 40 different varieties of roses as well as color-enhanced roses designed in-house. With 10 hectares of roses currently growing, this non-pinching farm focuses on quality over quantity.

Every “Rose Tattoo” is applied by a member of the Jet Fresh Flower Growers Art Department, which is comprised of painters and graffiti artists who have become rose artists. These team members create all 200+ varieties of Jet Fresh Flower Growers’ premium color-enhanced line of Hippy Psychedelic Roses.

The Future of Rose Printing

Mike Black, president of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A., has praised the collaboration and discussed the future of rose printing.

“Our Hippy Psychedelic Roses allow you to create any color rose you can imagine. Combining it with Speaking Roses unlocks a whole other universe of possibilities.”

Being able to turn any idea into printed roses in a matter of hours is one of the unique features that make this partnership so valuable for Jet Fresh and its customers. Jet Fresh will begin offering the “Rose Tattoo” by Speaking Roses via pre-order beginning Valentine’s Day season, in conveniently packaged 50-stem, eighth-boxes. They’re also available in 100-, 125-stem, and larger stem count boxes.



One-of-a-Kind Innovation in the Floral Industry

Sahid Nahim, President of New Bloom Solutions, has also praised Speaking Roses’ unique system: 

“The Speaking Roses Stamping System is a one-of-a-kind innovation in the floral industry and Jet Fresh is a one-of-a-kind company with the right mindset of innovation and creativity for this collaboration. This partnership is magic waiting to happen and we can’t wait to see what the Jet Fresh team will create.”

Speaking Roses is also looking for prospective licensees for their patented technology, and are willing to license directly to florists, designers, and more. If you are a florist looking to scale your business or innovate, contact a Jet Fresh sales representative for a discount code and more information on getting your shop set up with Speaking Roses.


Printed Roses by Speaking Roses and Jet Fresh Flower Growers - on Thursd


Learn More About Rose Tattoos

Learn more about Speaking Roses and all the exciting possibilities they offer when combined with Jet Fresh Flowers here.

New Bloom Solutions has brought together Jet Fresh and Speaking Roses for a collaboration that is set to take the floral industry by storm. It is on a mission to help the floral industry innovate, connect and bloom. NBS and founder Sahid Nahim foster innovation and collaboration within the floral industry by helping start-ups and other innovators in the industry bloom. Please note that New Bloom Solutions is the exclusive representative of Speaking Roses within the floral industry within all sectors. They can be contacted for further information at (305) 975-2725 or via email here.


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