Undercover Glowing Flowers Inside Dresses at Paris Fashion Week

As if fashion trends could not get more flowery, these enlightened garments by Jun Takahashi will impress you.

By: THURSD. | 04-10-2023 | 3 min read
Floral Art Roses
Enlightened roses in fashion

Flowers during fashion weeks and events are still conquering every runway and going strong because how could they not? Adding elegance and grace while being the perfect complement for any attire, Jun Takahashi from Undercover transported lighting terrariums with glowing flowers down the runway at Paris Fashion Week, and here's how it all went down.

Glowing Flowers Inside Fashionable Dresses by Jun Takahashi

Jun Takahashi, a Japanese fashion designer, created a hauntingly mesmerizing ambiance for his Undercover Spring/Summer 2024 collection, entitled 'Deep Mist,' at Paris Fashion Week. The runway presentation, choreographed inside a parking garage, was ornamented with tulle-wrapped chandeliers lying on the floor, as if fallen from the ceiling, creating a bizarre and almost dream-like backdrop.


Dresses with living roses inside


The models walked down the runway to the accompaniment of operatic music, wearing a mix of flowy white clothes and neon-yellow sweaters, followed by vivid suits and jackets with large designs. Several Undercover outfits even matched the black tulle that encased the chandeliers. Takahashi closed the show by sending three dazzling dresses down the Undercover runway, each outfitted with terrariums of roses and butterflies.


Jun Takahashis glowing terrarium garments


Roses Taking Over the Enlightened Terrariums

While the majority of the Undercover SS24 show at Paris Fashion Week took place in bright light, the final few minutes were spent in a gloomy setting. Designer Jun Takahashi used the rows of chandeliers to create a softly illuminated path for the final three models who nobody knew at the moment, would be the ones wearing the most special garments. The models moved slowly and gently down the runway to avoid disturbing the flowering gardens buzzing inside each of the ballgowns. The Japanese designer used white, yellow, and black see-through textiles to wrap each model and the luminous terrariums. Meanwhile, pink, white, and yellow flowers fill the sealed glass pots where butterflies can be seen flitting around inside.


Jun Takahashis Paris Fashion Week runway with flowers


Revealing the Possibilities of Creating With Flowers Through 'Undercover'

Jun Takahashi is a renowned Japanese fashion designer best known for his work with his brand 'Undercover'. Born in 1969 in Kiryu, Gunma, Japan, he founded Undercover in 1990 while studying at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Takahashi is highly regarded in the fashion world for his innovative and avant-garde designs, blending elements of streetwear, punk, and high fashion to create unique and thought-provoking collections.


Closeup of Jun Takahashis terrariums


One of the distinctive features of Takahashi's designs is his ability to draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, often incorporating elements of music, art, literature, and subcultures into his collections. His work has been influenced by punk rock, post-punk music, and the DIY aesthetic. He is also known for his fascination with the macabre, often incorporating dark and edgy themes into his designs. This year, although the designs were not fully macabre, Jun decided to take the wheel with the use of flowers in his designs. Flowers, slowly but surely have begun conquering every single runway since last year and they will not stop. The designs shown by Takahashi during this year's Paris Fashion Week come to show just how innovative a design can be when using the presence of beautiful blooms, especially roses.


Model walking down the runway with roses in dress


Throughout his career, Jun Takahashi has collaborated with various artists and brands, including Nike, and has been involved in numerous fashion projects and exhibitions. He has a strong focus on storytelling within his collections, often using clothing and runway presentations to convey deeper narratives and concepts.


Designer Jun Takahashi
Jun Takahashi


Don't miss out on seeing the entire Undercover collection and tune in to see other designs shown at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023.


Photos by @undercover_lab.



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