Incorporate Flowers
How To Best Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wardrobe? Elevate your style with floral fashion - tips on incorporating flowers into your wardrobe
Florals in dress
For Oscar de la Renta, There’s No Need to Ditch Flowers After Summer Flowers in fashion all year long? It's a big YES for this famous ready-to-wear label.
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Prada flower campaign
In Conversation With a Flower - Prada's Latest Campaign Emotions are brought to life through the metaphor of flowers which are here reimagined to human size.
Oct 11 | 3 min read
Terrariums with roses
Undercover Glowing Flowers Inside Dresses at Paris Fashion Week As if fashion trends could not get more flowery, these enlightened garments by Jun Takahashi will impress you.
Oct 04 | 3 min read
Anne camellia featured
Camellias Took Over Every Single Attire During the Met Gala The camellia flower featured prominently on the red carpet at the 2023 Met Gala. Several stars put their own spin on the symmetrical blossom!
May 10 | 4 min read
Burberry store featured
Tom Atton Moore Creates Burberry's New Knight And Flora Motifs The idea of 'florals and knights' have been brought to real-life sculptures and people are actually adoring them!
Apr 12 | 4 min read
Chanel Paris fashion show square feature
Camellias Take Over Chanel’s Fashion Show in Paris Camellia flowers gave main character vibes during Paris Fashion Week, making them Chanel's biggest symbol.
Mar 30 | 3 min read
Loewe Fashion Anthurium square feature on Thursd
Loewe Included Anthuriums as a Staple Accessory in Their Latest Runway Loewe has managed to rock the anthurium world by creating garments that include the beautiful flower on them. Check out the looks!
Mar 08 | 3 min read
Inside the Blooming Mind of Christian Dior How a floral fashion icon paved a legacy for floral motifs
Jun 25 | 3 min read
Ethiopian Fashion Tribe turns nature into Haute Couture
15 Times Flowers Floated Down the Runway Here are a few of our all-time favorite fashion bouquets
Jul 29 | 1 min read
How Plants, Influencers and Fashion Came Together The outfits I'd want to wear while plant shopping
Jun 17 | 2 min read

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