How To Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh During Display

By following these tips, you'll be able to keep your flowers on display fresh and beautiful.

By: THURSD | 07-12-2022 | 5 min read
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According to psychology, flowers can stimulate the brain to produce oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin—the brain's happy hormones. Hence, displaying freshly-cut flowers in your home, office, or business can lighten up a person's mood and the ambiance in a room or window display. 

To get flowers for your display, you can either visit The Wild Rose in Auckland or any local floral shop in your area. Likewise, you can pick some flowers from your garden or in legal areas in your community. However, you're probably thinking about how you can keep your flowers fresh for a long time.  

Fortunately, this article will share tips and tricks to ensure the flowers last long when on display. Read on to learn more.

Choosing a container for your flower display is essential to keep your flowers lasting longer. There are different materials and sizes to choose from for your container. But regardless of where you place your fresh flowers, ensure the container is cleaned thoroughly and contains no detergent traces. As for the size, it's best to put lighter flowers on a tall vase, while heavier flowers are best displayed on a lower vase. 

It's ideal for displaying the flowers in clear glass containers to see the bouquet's beauty entirely. Moreover, it would be the best choice for displaying flowers because the material is hard and smooth. At the same time, glass doesn't cause any reaction with the vase water inside. Comparing glass with metal, where vase water could become acidic, harming the flowers inside. Glass, for the most part, is also resistant to scratches inside the vase, which means you can display as many flowers as you want without damaging the container.



Once you have chosen your vase, cutting the stems of your flowers can help them last longer on display. Cutting the stem at an angle increases surface area that will allow water uptake, hydrating the flowers for an extended period. Moreover, cutting the stem is crucial and determines whether the flowers survive. 

That said, it's best to use shears or sharp scissors or knives to make a clean cut. Remember, tearing or mashing the stem can cause damage and interfere with the flower's water absorption. Flowers like roses can frequently get air bubbles on their stems. However, there is a simple solution to this you can cut the stems under water to get rid of the water bubbles and improve the water flow.  

Leaves that remain submerged in your container or vase can cause bacterial growth due to rotting, so make sure you remove them. Furthermore, always check the vase for any submerged flowers or leaves.

Another handy tip to ensure your flowers last longer on display is to provide the water at the right temperature. When it comes to the ideal temperature for displaying flowers, most of them can be kept at room temperature. However, a few flowers must be kept at specific room temperatures to thrive and last long on display. For example, you can place flowers in cool or cold water to remove dry portions and air bubbles and allow water uptake. But warm or tap water is ideal for keeping them fresh. 

Remember to fill your vase or container up to three-quarters. Always change the water regularly to keep you to ensure that your flowers are well-hydrated and in good condition.

Visiting your local supermarket or floral shops is best to get flower food packets. Flower food packets contain all the essential nutrients and preservatives needed for flowers. These preservatives ensure that your flowers don't easily wilt while on display and have a balanced mixture of sugars, biocide, and acidifiers.  

These components ensure the flowers are fed, and any dangerous bacteria are immediately removed and kept at bay. The flower packets can also ensure that the water's pH levels are balanced by using acidifiers in their components.  

If you want to flex your creative green thumb, you can also make your flower food by filling up your vase with a one-part clear fizz drink to eliminate bacteria. Another recipe for flower food is adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar.  

Another way to slow down your flower's aging process is to put a few drops of alcohol into the vase or container of water. The best alcohol to use in this case is vodka because it can stop the production of ethylene gas. Ethylene gas causes a flower to wilt, and you can slow down the flower's aging process by countering it with a few drops of vodka. 

Flowers can also produce bacteria that can harm the flower's health. Vodka then becomes an antibacterial plant agent, promoting growth in the flower.  


By following these tips, you'll be able to keep your flowers on display fresh and beautiful. Buying your flower food from your local floral shop and supermarket ensures your flowers get all the proper nutrients to prevent wilting. However, you can make your flower food packets. Dropping in a few drops of vodka in your water can also avoid wilting while cutting any leaves underwater can stop the growth of bacteria. With these tips, you can keep your floral display longer and bring a beautiful ambiance.  



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