Lose Yourself in the Beauty of Cymbidium Kensi

Flowers make floristry a wonderful profession, especially when you get to work with stunning products like the cymbidium Kensi.

By: THURSD. | 28-11-2021 | 2 min read
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Pandemic or not, flowers remain a symbol of purity, beauty, respect, and joy. And so many other positive things. It's easy to lose yourself in them when you're surrounded by so much beauty. It makes floristry a wonderful profession, especially when you get to work with stunning products like the cymbidium Kensi.

The Stunning Cymbidium Kensi

The cymbidium is slightly different from its congeners with its grass-like leaves. This orchid is found in cool, but also tropical areas such as Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the Himalayas. Due to the cool outdoor period, cymbidiums bloom (depending on the species) in fall, winter, or spring. The cymbidium can be perfectly placed in the living room during the flowering period. In summer, this orchid prefers a sheltered spot in the garden. Cymbidiums have long, narrow leaves. Its long flower spikes bear six or more flowers. The plant has at least one branch, but often more. The color spectrum of the cymbidium runs from white, yellow, green, pink, and red to brown. The older a plant is, the more branches it can give.

The Large-Flowered Cymbidium Kensi

Cymbidium Kensi is a large-flowered cymbidium in bright pink and has a unique dark lip, which creates a beautiful contrast in the flower. The Kensi is a very sturdy branch with many flowers and is available in October and November. You can leave the cymbidium Kensi in the vase for up to three weeks, enjoying its long vase life.
Lose Yourself in the Beauty of Cymbidium Kensi Kwekerij Koningshof
Kwekerij Koningshof

Grower Koningshof

The cymbidium Kensi is one of the dozens of varieties in different colors and lengths that are grown by Koningshof. Thanks to the wide range and the refined techniques at the nursery, they can produce cymbidiums all year round. Since 2015, Koningshof has been a member of Decorum flowers and plants. They carefully select their cymbidiums and only sell branches of the very best quality under the Decorum brand. This way their customers know for sure that they are getting top-quality.


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