Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris

He is known for flowering the French capital through decorated storefronts, elaborate floral installations, and bouquets from his boutique.

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In the Heart of Paris, Luc Deschamps Creates the Most Exquisite Floral Arrangements

Caressed by the petals since his early childhood, Luc Deschamps hardly has too erratic a vision of the existential. This son of florists has taken up a very enviable torch: the attractive floral boutique at 18 Avenue Niel in Paris' 17th arrondissement named 'Deschamps', one of the most Instragrammable spots in the city which hosts numerous flower shops that you'll, definitely, love.

His is a name that resonates with floral elegance and magnificence and has become synonymous with Parisian beauty. His artistry blooms across the city, gracing storefronts, hotels, restaurants, and bouquets, all alike.

Luc Deschamps Flowers the City With Flair

Avenue Niel and the adjacent streets of this beautiful district of Paris are home to prestigious restaurants and the offices of international groups that are gradually yielding to this fashion for flowering innovation and celebration.


Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris
Deschamps offers a wide range of flowers and plants for all tastes and budgets.
Photo by @mabichefleurs.


On this fertile silt, florist Luc Deschamps sharpens his weapons of seduction, offering his first natural settings to Hollywood impulses. Professionals and individuals are tempted by this cinematographic approach, striking the right balance of good taste.

Elaborate Floral Installations and Decorated Storefronts

Luc Deschamps is known for flowering the capital, whether he expresses that through decorated storefronts and facades of hotels and restaurants throughout the city, elaborate floral installations in reception halls and shopping centers, or the beautiful bouquets you can purchase from his shop in Paris' 17th arrondissement.


Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris
Photos by @deschamps_fleuriste_paris


It is to Luc Deschamps that we owe in particular the floral facade of La Maison Sauvage in 2019, the bucolic facades of the Bistrot Bohème, the Brasserie Le Brebantor, and more recently the breathtaking floral makeover of the Buddha Bar.

One of the Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris

But his store in the heart of Paris, Deschamps, is the place where many Parisians and tourists from all over the world flock, to buy one of his beautiful floral arrangements but also to be charmed and captivated by a storefront flooded with multicolored flowers similar to a Garden of Eden.


Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris
Photo by @deschamps_fleuriste_paris


The store is always sure to attract the gaze of passersby, floral art enthusiasts, Instagrammers, and travelers in search of a splendid natural backdrop for their photo shoots. 

Equally Care About Content and Container

According to the floral designer, the 'Deschamps style' is an essential one, based on equally caring about the content and the container; the latter should be as impressive and unexpected as the former.


Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris
Photos by @deschamps_fleuriste_paris


Luc crosses Europe to unearth vessels and vases that fit his oversized floral ambitions, which sometimes need to be capable of accommodating as many as several hundred hydrangea stems. 

Architect of Emotion

Having become an architect of emotion, delicacy, and splendor, he imagines sketches, draws, and composes, without ever delegating.


Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris
Luc brings some of the most unique floral installations to the Paris flower landscape.
Photo by @deschamps_fleuriste_paris


This has led him to enter the world of haute couture, showrooms, boutiques, and fashion shows but you might also know Luc Deschamps from his luminous field of sunflowers in the peristyle of the Opéra Garnier, the brilliant launch of the ecological car, Naomi's Campbell's birthday, or his Christmas decorations on avenue Matignon.


Luc Deschamps
Luc Deschamps (right) with his floral installations in Paris.
Photo by deschamps_fleuriste_paris


You can discover more about the floral designer on Luc Deschamp's website or immerse yourself in his work on the Instagram channel of Deschamps Fleuriste Paris

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Feature and header images courtesy of Luc Deschamps (@deschamps_fleuriste_paris).



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