Marginpar’s Floral Trends Showcased Through Florist Nicu Bocancea’s Designs

Nature-inspired flower designs encapsulate the crux of four main trend categories.

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Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024

Every year, grower Marginpar gets the views and perceptions of prominent floral designers or trend aficionados, through their artistry to guide its floral trends for the twelve months. And this time round it hasn't been any different as the well-known company sought the insights of the renowned Floraria Iris designer Nicu Bocancea.

Using Marginpar’s flowers, Nicu just unveiled his unique vision of the 2024 floral trends, showcasing the flower arrangements that would inspire the floral design scene, and offer a trove of creative inspiration for fellow floral enthusiasts and professionals. The designs are unique; one must admit, and they focus on four key scopes.

Nicu Bocancea’s Vision of Marginpar's 2024 Floral Trends

Nicu says his floral trend forecasts are based on the likely combination of global design trends, societal changes, consumer behaviorism patterns, and environmental concerns. Aligning these trends with wider developments in the world, he creates a vision of floral design that resonates with contemporary societal values and aspirations.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Floral designer Nicu Bocancea


Marginpar Trends 2024 quote Nicu Bocancea


According to the florist, the trends for 2024 are divided into four main categories. These are:

  1. Transparency
  2. Natural Look
  3. Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers
  4. Simplicity of the Painting

And of course, the designs are inspired by nature and reflect an innovative approach to floral design.


“By focusing on transparency through the creative use of recycled materials, embracing the natural look, incorporating unconventional elements such as vegetables and fruits and capturing the simplicity of a painting, I align myself with a sustainable and artistic vision for the future.”

Natural compositions and organic designs, Nicu says, have been consistent trends in the world of floristry. The overall idea of his forecast is, therefore, creating arrangements that feel less structured and more inspired by nature.

Principles of His Design Approach

Some key principles highlight Nicu’s approach, and they include the use of a variety of unique flowers with a light and fluid texture, incorporating a variety of leaves, branches, and foliage to add texture and depth to the arrangements, and the use of unique containers such as reused items or eco-friendly materials to enhance the natural atmosphere. The philosophies also involve making the floral arrangements loose and airy, opting for neutral, muted color palettes, and using dry elements like sticks, dried flowers, herbs, and preserved leaves.


“Through this approach we want to show our commitment to eco-conscious practices. The focus on reusing materials and creating beauty from discarded items adds a unique and impactful dimension.”


Marginpar Transparency and Tornado close up
Transparency: Marginpar's Clematis Amazing Vienna and Sanguisorba Red Dream in a design called 'Tornado'


Nicu’s Four Design Classifications Exemplified

Nicu’s floral design trends for the year fall into four groups, all with unique floral architecture, and elements that echo the fundamentals of eco-conscious practices.

1. Transparency: 'Fire Circle'

Nicu indicates that having noticed the growing global focus on sustainability and driving the need for innovative materials, he advocated for their reuse in artistic and functional floral structures.

This was helped by the growing desire among consumers for ecological products, motivating the adoption of clear structures as a symbol of transparency and responsible design. This idea culminated in the design of the 'Fire Circle', an arrangement that features Marginpar’s gloriosa and craspedia flowers.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Fire Circle designed by Nicu Bocancea for Marginpar's floral trends 2024.


Of the arrangement, Nicu says:

“Imagine a captivating masterpiece brought to life through artistic ingenuity. A metal frame provides the foundation, its strong lines contrasting with the delicacy of nature’s offerings. A plexiglass base, adorned with strategically placed holes, invites exploration of visual perspective as you peer through.”

In this design, vibrant yellow moss branches intertwine, creating a tie that bridges the gap between the industrial and the organic. With their fiery shades, the gloriosa flowers emerge from the composition showcasing their exotic beauty and igniting the senses.

Nicu notes that creating a transparent structure using recycled plastic materials and adorning it with fresh flowers, like gloriosa, makes for a perfect combination of modernity and natural beauty. The transparent structure allows the flowers to stand out while also showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly practices through recycling. And the gloriosa’s striking appearance brings a dash of elegant vibrancy to the arrangement, creating an appealing visual contrast against the transparent background.

The harmonious fusion exemplifies contrasts like strength and fragility, and transparency and opacity. It is a creation that beckons one to explore and see beyond the surface and engross oneself in the chemistry of elements that go beyond the ordinary.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Transparency: Gloriosa and Craspedia Paintball Pop in a design called 'Fire Circle'


With these design principles, Nicu, who is a second-generation florist who grew up among flowers and has worked his way up to co-running a successful event-design venture and ten floral shops in Romania alongside his brother, urges florists to be resourceful, and strive to ‘make something from nothing’.

This is a way of thinking that is rooted deep in his upbringing where his parents’ teachings about finding new uses for things no longer needed, instilled valuable resourcefulness and creativity in him. For Nicu, the ability to see potential in what others might overlook is a trait that can lead to unique and meaningful creations.


“By embracing this motto, I’m not only emphasizing the ability to transform overlooked or discarded materials into something beautiful and meaningful, but also showcasing the potential for imagination to bring forth new ideas and solutions.”


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Transparency: Nicu Bocancea's 'Fire Circle' design up-close


2. Natural Look: 'Tornado'

'Tornado' is a unique floral arrangement showcasing the florist’s artistic endeavor. It encapsulates the essence of both nature’s untamed beauty and human creativity.

The floral composition begins with a vase of irregular shape - a tribute to asymmetry - crafted from dried grasses, which is a nod to the tangible wonders of the outdoors. In the design, using dry materials from gardens can significantly reduce the cost of creating the floral arrangement.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Natural Look: Bocancea designs 'Tornado'


Within the vessel, the wild grasses and flowers intertwine, creating a flower tornado that captivates the eyes. It brings out an impression of graceful chaos in which elements spiral upwards, creating a living sculpture that embodies the organic vitality of nature’s whirlwinds.

Each flower, with its distinct floral structure, becomes a brushstroke in the living masterwork beckoning the viewer to contemplate the creation and experience the harmony within chaos and the wild elegance that exists when the beauty of imperfection is embraced.

Nicu explains:

“A cultural change is happening. People are looking for a closer connection with nature and authentic experiences. Minimalist and natural aesthetics are gaining ground in design, influencing floral trends towards simplicity and elegance.”


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Natural Look: Nicu Bocancea's 'Tornado' design


The desire for calm and serenity in a fast-paced world is what led Nicu to make such arrangements that mirror the tranquility of nature. Tornado largely features grasses and sanguisorba.

3. Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers: 'Summer Taste'

This design demonstrates yet another wonderful example of a beautiful decor that minimizes costs and environmental impact. 'Summer Taste' incorporates melons and gloriosa flowers into a table setting that creates a vibrant and refreshing display.

It features hollowed melon halves that can be used as unique vases for floral arrangements, adding a touch of creativity. The combination makes for a delightful and visually appealing centerpiece for your table.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers: 'Summer Taste' incorporates watermelons and gloriosa flowers in a table setting


Nicu explains:

“The focus on health and wellness inspired me to integrate edibles, aligning with the broader movement towards mindful living.”

Wine glasses placed next to beautiful gloriosa flowers and summer fruits, definitely, create an inviting setting as the colors of the gloriosa flowers complement the shades of summer fruits. The wine glasses add an air of sophistication to the whole combination, which would be perfect for a summer gathering or an outdoor event.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers: 'Summer Taste' design created by Nicu Bocancea


4. Simplicity of the Painting: 'Purple Windows'

'Purple Windows' demonstrates the ability of the florist to create long-lasting, beautifully structured floral arrangements that bring delight and positivity to homes. Its expressive and strong, positive colors make it an arrangement that continuously brightens up living spaces.

Featuring the purple Clematis Amazing flowers, 'Purple Windows' presents a spectacular visual effect that not only adds a touch of nature to the interior space but also contributes to a more vibrant and uplifting atmosphere that can be enjoyed for durations.


Florist Nicu Bocancea Designs Marginpar’s Floral Trends for 2024
Simplicity of the Painting: Purple Clematis Amazing flowers used in Nicu Bocancea's design 'Purple Window'


Each window is adorned with cascading purple clematis making the arrangement mimic the idea of looking through windows at a landscape of flowering vines. The vibrant purple hues of the clematis flowers contrast beautifully with the green stems, creating that engaging and delightful display.

A three-frame wall arrangement can be a beautiful way to add a focal point to a room, with each of the frames presenting a different size and shape. This composition not only brings space but also fills it with a sense of beauty and pure elegance of nature.


Marginpar Purple Window close up
Simplicity of the Painting: Detail of Purple Clematis Amazing flowers in 'Purple Window'


More Designs That Focus on the Trends

Nicu has numerous other designs that exemplify the four classifications making up Marginpar’s floral trends. With their nature-inspired aesthetics, these floral designs are sure to influence the flower design scene. Check the Marginpar website for more of Nicu's works of art.


All Photos by Nicu Bocancea, courtesy of Marginpar.


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