What Is Valentine's Day 2022 Going to Bring Us? No matter which trend you choose on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that nothing else can better express affection than flowers.
Jan 18 | 5 min read | Valentine
What Kind of Floral Trends Can We Expect to See in 2022? While it’s impossible to predict the future, experts across the industries can tell us what’s forecasted for the coming year.
Dec 28 | 6 min read | Top Lists
Marginpar Introduces the Top 10 Floral Trends 2022 In the world of flowers, a gentle change is taking place. Start the year off well with these top floral trends created in collaboration with Gregor Lersch.
Dec 14 | 6 min read | Floral Designers
Pampas Grass Trends and Why It’s Here to Stay Known for its billowing stalks, silky plumes, and overall wheat-like appearance, this is one of the floral industry’s most enduring trends over the last few years.
Dec 03 | 4 min read | Dried Flowers
Flower-Inspired Makeup Is the Feel-Good Trend That We All Need Flowers are not only an opportunity to get more imaginative with makeup, but it's also a visual mood boost after the last year's doom and gloom.
Nov 09 | 3 min read | Remarkable
Timeless Holidays With BLOOM's Christmas Trend 'Classic & Elegant' Different shades of red in connection with dark green, cream, and gold are the basis of classic shapes and timeless designs.
Oct 06 | 3 min read | X-mas
Season-Ready With BLOOM’s Christmas Trend 'Opulent & Crafted' Where exaggerated shine and loud colors are forbidden, the festive is symbolized by shapes such as wreaths, stars, and trees.
Oct 06 | 2 min read | X-mas
Get a Little Dramatic With BLOOM's Christmas Trend 'Lush & Precious' A little drama is part of this trend. The richly patterned napkin, the shiny ball, and the shimmering velvet make the subject what it says: lush & precious!
Oct 01 | 3 min read | X-mas
Trendy Ideas for a Flowery Bridal Season in 2021-2022 After COVID comes Cupid
Jul 02 | 8 min read | News

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