Meet the New Varieties in Floricultura’s Eccentrix and AromorA Series

For every grower, for every climate zone, and for every kind of consumer.

By: THURSD. | 17-06-2021 | 2 min read
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Welcome to Floricultura

At Floricultura we believe that breeding orchids and anthuriums is a constant market-oriented search for perfection and distinguishing characteristics. Our cultivation advisers and account managers are also closely involved in our breeding and selection process. At this Thursd Online Trade Fair 2021 Summer Edition, we are proud to present our two new series of phalaenopsis: Eccentrix and AromorA. TOTF2021SE-17-Floricultura-quote

For Everyone

At our locations in the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Poland, Taiwan, and the United States we produce a wide range of orchids, anthuriums, and spathiphyllum for every grower, for every climate zone, and for every kind of consumer. Only the novelties that meet the most stringent quality requirements are introduced on the market. Our goal is to guarantee growers good yields! TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura

Eccentrix Series

The phalaenopsis Eccentrix series is living proof that nature never feels shy to reveal its artistic talent. The vibrant varieties give plenty of opportunities to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Different, individualistic, stylish, sometimes a tad odd, yet always of superb quality. And with an impressive consumer shelf life. These are the phalaenopsis Eccentrix highlights:

NEW: Phalaenopsis Mothers Finest (215630)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 215630 Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Mothers Finest

NEW: Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Xanadu (215388)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 215388 Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Xanadu

Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Cryptix (312440)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 312440 Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Cryptix

NEW: Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Sparx (312549)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 312549 Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Sparx

Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Heroes (314140)

Phalaenopsis Eccentrix Strawberry Cake (212828)

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AromorA Series

The phalaenopsis AromorA series has something extra. It is an eye-catching series of phalaenopsis varieties, all of which have a delightful fragrance. The seductive scent of this orchid entices the nose, allowing you to create a rich experience that will surprise your customers and their customers alike. Furthermore, the varieties in the AromorA series are characterized by their excellent spike performance and a comparable flowering time to our other varieties. These are the phalaenopsis AromorA highlights:

Phalaenopsis AromorA Secret Fragrance (232853)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 232853 Phalaenopsis AromorA Secret Fragrance

Phalaenopsis AromorA Love Potion (1007968)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 1007968 Phalaenopsis AromorA Love Potion

NEW: Phalaenopsis AromorA Goodnight Kiss (235615)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 235615 Phalaenopsis AromorA Goodnight Kiss

Phalaenopsis AromorA Saffron Star (254347)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 254347 Phalaenopsis AromorA Saffron Star

Phalaenopsis AromorA Dusty Belle (232861)

TOTF2021SE 17 Floricultura 232861 Phalaenopsis AromorA Dusty Belle More info button

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Contact Floricultura

As a market leader in young orchid plants, we supply professional growers worldwide with tens of millions of plants each year all over the world for the production of several varieties of orchids. This is accomplished from our greenhouses on different continents. Additionally, we started extending our activities to propagating plant material for anthuriums in 2018. For more information about our orchids and anthuriums, for any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Visiting address: Cieweg 13 1969 MS Heemskerk Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)251 203 055 Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials linkedin



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