The Magnificent Queen Anthurium Warocqueanum The leaves are unique by their dark green color, thickness, and leathery feel, as well as by the silver venation that become more pronounced as the plant matures.
Nov 19 | 3 min read | Houseplants
Did You See These New Varieties in the Eccentrix and AromorA Series? Floricultura breeds phalaenopsis for every grower, for every climate zone, and for every kind of consumer.
Oct 28 | 2 min read | Events
These Popular Houseplants Are Hot on Instagram Right Now Plants give us something to nurture while nurturing us back in return. Discover some of the most popular plants on Instagram these days.
Oct 13 | 5 min read | Houseplants
These Are Decorum's Most Bright and Colorful Flowers The four favorites to keep that summer feeling going
Jun 30 | 5 min read | News
Meet the New Varieties in Floricultura’s Eccentrix and AromorA Series For every grower, for every climate zone, and for every kind of consumer
Jun 17 | 2 min read | Events
What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021? Possibilities will hopefully start blooming again for these floral wedding beauties
Apr 14 | 2 min read | News
Anthura worldwide specialist in Anthurium and Orchids Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities
Jan 21 | 3 min read | Events
Top 10 Most Wanted Rare Houseplants These are the hottest aroids
Dec 25 | 7 min read | News
Frozen Flower Sculptures that Embody the Desire of Human Control on the Natural World A pure and eternal transformation of reality into art - by Marc Quinn
Nov 18 | 4 min read | News
Calling All Modern Designers to Discover Fiore Anthuriums Your go-to flower for a sophisticated Ikebana design
Sep 16 | 4 min read | News
Mysterious Anthurium Nero The mystique around the imperial anthurium Nero will be revealed here, today
May 13 | 2 min read | News
Putting the Flower on the Spot - Neuromarketing in Floriculture Louis Kester about smart selling and shopper activation
Jan 23 | 3 min read | News

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