Mossy Mazes and Dense Forest Embroideries by Litli Ulfur

Hand-made embroidery, with a twist of green hues of forests stitched altogether is what'll get your spaces at home look incredible.

By: THURSD. | 25-07-2022 | 3 min read
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Forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur header on Thursd

Get immersed in a complete sensorial experience when you look at the mossy mazes and dense forests embroidered into textured landscapes, featuring green, green, and more hues of green. Placing these beautiful forest embroideries at home at bound to make a great, if not the greatest, and greenest impression upon your guests. Not only that, but you'll actually feel closer to nature, in case nature is not close to you at home and you lack the sense of having forest-like vibes around you. Litli Ulfur's forest embroideries are here to make any space of your home more pure, peaceful, and, of course, greener.

Lush Textured Forest Embroideries by Litli Ulfur That Look Incredibly Real

The scenery of these textured forest embroideries actually takes you on a paradisiac journey into a green swing of magical colors and fluffy textures, just like a real, actual jungle. The attention to detail by Litli Ulfur makes each piece undoubtedly unique, and what's best is there are no two pieces that are alike. All of the forest embroideries are vividly unique, featuring shades of greens from light, to dark, to bold, striking greens and people are living up to these forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur. These works of art look incredibly real, wouldn't you agree? Trees are our main source of life and this is exactly what Ulfur looks to portray and express through every one of her forest embroideries. She wants you to have more life at home, or in any environment through art.


Embroideries on Thursd


Forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur on Thursd


Mozzy Mases and Textured Forest Eye-Catching Green Designs

In the forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur, nature is at the top of her mind whenever she seeks to create a new piece. She uses hand embroidery as a way to explore her connection with nature and impressively stitches abstract landscapes made up of leafy forests and lush moss that allow the viewer to look closer and immerse themselves in the mesmerizing textures. The forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur translate thick landscapes into lush entanglements of brown and green stitches.

The abstract forms of each work of art take into account the intricacies of nature through an aerial perspective, contrasting micro- and macro-views in every inch. Each piece is created organically and uniquely, ensuring no two are alike. No one will have a repeated version of a forest embroidery, it's like having a green world of your own, all for you.

The Inspiration Behind Forest Embroideries by Litli Ulfur

The forest embroidery pieces are inspired by natural sources, like jungly forests and the human nervous system, that are reflected through french knots, tufts, and flat patches. Litli Ulfur shares she was struck by certain similarities between the two—some of the trees in the works (including oaks and beeches) were confusingly similar to the structure of human neurons. Their branches and roots bent in various directions creating a huge endless network, just like the forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur.


Mossy designs by Litli Ulfur on Thursd


“What I create is influenced by stimuli, impressions, and reactions. Being alone in nature is really important to me. It gives me space to reflect on why I do what I do and feel what I feel."


The textile artist begins each piece by quieting her mind and allowing herself to intricately connect with the magic of nature. She tries to examine and take into account scent, color, texture, sound, and taste when creating every forest embroidery. To see the complete collection of forest embroideries by Litli Ulfur, make sure to visit her Instagram account.


Litli Ulfur's forest embroideries on Thursd




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