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By: THURSD. | 28-04-2021 | 2 min read

The Team Flower Newsletter - a Newsletter You Don't Want to Miss

Newsletters are a valuable marketing resource. And an important source of information. In the flower industry more and more companies start to acknowledge this and start writing them as such. One of the newsletters in the industry you don't want to miss is the Team Flower Newsletter.

Team Flower Newsletter

You can view the latest newsletter by clicking here. You can subscribe to the newsletter of Team Flower and join their so-called Pen Pal Club by following this link: Team Flower community - newsletters from the industry not to miss - newsletter header - on thursd Join the Team Flower Pen Pal Club and get access to exclusive materials including a Ribbon Guide, video tutorials, and more! You can find it all in their great newsletter. Don't forget to visit the inspiring website as well at

Team Flower

3,500 members of Team Flower are loving the world through flowers Team Flower helps connect and educate flower lovers from all 50 states and 30 countries. From the about page on the Team Flower website:
"Team Flower's mission is to connect and empower flower lovers with lifelong, global community support and education to help them love the world through flowers. Team Flower is a support community dedicated to educating, connecting, and empowering floral professionals worldwide. We provide online classes, in-person events, and free videos, articles, and podcast episodes designed to support you in your professional journey with flowers. Whether you’re an established florist, farmer, artist, or industry pro—or simply love flowers and are just starting your business—there’s space for you here!"
Team Flower - newsletters from the industry not to miss - team flower benefits - on thursd

Your Newsletter on Thursd?

Newsletters are a great way for companies to communicate with clients and followers. They generate leads and sales that will help businesses grow. Especially in floriculture. There's so much beauty to share! So much to tell. Do you already create an awesome newsletter? And would you like to showcase your newsletter on Thursd? Get more info about how to submit your newsletter to the weekly column 'Newsletters in floriculture you don't want to miss' by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. When your newsletter is published on the website, you will be published in the Thursd newsletters too (subscribe Thursd newsletter here:, to be sure of a large extra number of subscribers.

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