Nicole M. Curcio - An Art and Monstera Fanatic

"My pieces are constantly evolving and I love the process behind every single one."

By: THURSD. | 20-03-2024 | 4 min read
Floral Art
Monstera pots by Nicole Curcio

Nicole M. Curcio is an accomplished artist known for her expertise in creating wondrous artwork inspired by the monstera plant. Her creative journey is marked by a deep passion for botanical exploration and her determination to capture her perspective of nature's beauty through the power of her hands. Nowadays, more and more, botanical artwork pieces are getting very trendy and you cannot be the one to miss out. Check out more of her story and works.

Nicole M. Curcio - An Artist Creating Pieces With Plants in Mind

If you're looking to decorate your most precious spaces at home but don't want the typical neutral decor, artist Nicole Curcio has got your back. Curcio's process of mastering the art of monstera pieces begins with a keen appreciation for the natural world. She draws inspiration from the elaborate patterns, vibrant colors, and dynamic forms found within the monstera plant, allowing its special characteristics to guide her artistic vision.



One of the key aspects of her work lies in the perfectionism of making every single piece she produces stand out and make her customers very, very happy when having these pieces shine at home. She spends countless hours studying the complex anatomy of the monstera, observing its foliage and the way light plays upon its leaves. This careful observation informs her artistic process, allowing her to capture the finest distinctions of the plant while demarcating textures that define the plant's attraction. The monstera is the complete package of what a precious houseplant is, and what better way to have its presence even more dug in your home than having a ceramic piece?


Albo Turquoise and Aurea monstera pieces
Albo, Turquoise, and Aurea monstera varieties worked on ceramic


A Very Close and Beloved Relationship With Nature

In terms of technique, Curcio employs a variety of artistic mediums to bring her monstera pieces to life. Whether working with watercolors, acrylics, or graphite, she approaches each piece with a keen eye for composition and a dedication to craftsmanship. Her mastery of color theory and shading allows her to create pieces that exude a sense of depth and dimensionality, capturing the essence of the monstera plant in all its splendor.


The perfect addition to home spaces with monstera pieces


She reveals:

"My artwork is inspired by people and their relationship with plants and nature. I like to sit in cafes, bars, or on mass transit and sketch passers walking by. I enjoy using bold colors and textures and experimenting with various mediums including collage, acrylic, oil, and clay.

My current body of work came about during 2020, when I had a lot more time to reflect, and recalibrate. I’d been focused on architecture and cityscapes for six years, and the pandemic gave me time to experiment. I decided I would make new planters for all my houseplants, and when I started sharing those designs on Instagram, it turned out other people wanted them too! So I’ve been working on designs, that I have been sketching and pondering for decades now. They’re constantly evolving, and I’m loving the process."

Beyond technical skill, Curcio's artwork is infused with a sense of creativity and imagination as well. She often explores innovative techniques and experimental approaches to her work, pushing the boundaries of traditional botanical pieces. This willingness to explore new avenues of expression allows her to infuse her pieces with a sense of dynamism and vitality, catching this way, the attention of viewers and inviting them into her world of botanicals.



Nicole M. Curcio's Monstera Work in More Detail

In addition to her artistic talents, Curcio's domination of monstera pieces is also shaped by her deep connection to the feeling plants evoke in her. She approaches each piece with a profound admiration for the plants that inspire her, seeking to capture not just their physical appearance, but also their essence and the positive effects that plants have on everyday life.



Although these pieces are not real plants, they are a reminder that plants are always willing to make any of your spaces more beautiful by adding a boost of green color. This spiritual connection infuses her artwork with a sense of authenticity, resonating with viewers on a deeply personal level.


Adansonii monstera pot
Monstera Adansonii pot by Nicole Curcio


Both visually stunning and emotionally resonant is how Nicole's work could be described. She invites you to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and add that liveliness your indoor spaces are missing by adding a monstera piece. To check out all her work, visit Nicole M. Curcio's Instagram.


Photos by @well.traveled.wares.



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