Here's the Latest Addition to the Rose World - A Peachy Haven

This rose adds not only a delicate look and feel wherever it is placed, but its color is an instant eye-catcher.

By: THURSD. | 13-03-2024 | 3 min read
Rose Peach Wave

Rosaprima is pleased to announce a remarkable addition to the Rosaprima Collection: the Peach Wave rose. This new entrant in the rose world is bred by United Selections to reshape the concept of simplicity while adding just the right amount of sophistication to floral arrangements and bouquets. Want to learn more about this lush launch?

Introducing Rose Peach Wave in Rosaprima's Rose World

Emerging as a luminous beacon within the esteemed Peach Fuzz Pantone Color of the Year, Rose Peach Wave portrays expressions of joy, peace, and beauty, celebrating life's most precious moments. Rosaprima cordially invites you to live the experience of connecting with high-quality, divine roses that can transform your day, making it happier, more joyful, and full of delicate colors.

In the case of their most recent launch, Peach Wave offers an instant enrichment of life through its color, shape, and utter beauty. This charmer now makes part of their rose family and the team behind it could not be more proud. Doesn't the lovely color of this rose make you want to start the day with a bouquet full of them?


An arrangement with Rosaprimas newest Rose Peach Wave
Rose Peach Wave


The Essence of Peach Wave 

The Peach Wave rose captures the splendor inherent in the day-to-day, illustrated through its soothing shades of peach. This creamy peach variety flaunts stylized petals that form a wave-like pattern, amplifying its innate shape while creating an eye-catching effect for those who see it. With buds that beckon the senses, this rose is a treat for your senses, causing total delight.


Peach Wave roses


Where does the inspiration to create such a gorgeous rose come from? With the calming and warm tones of peach, Rose Peach Wave goes beyond its identity as a mere rose. It stands as a testament to harmony, peace, and joy in our everyday lives. 


The look of a bouquet made of Peach Wave roses
The perfect look of Rose Peach Wave in an arrangement, designed to elevate any space


A Rose That Takes You to Cloud Nine

The subtle palette of their newest addition to their rose family, Peach Wave, is designed to blend effortlessly in our day-to-day spaces, creating an atmosphere of well-being and calm. As a flower business, Rosaprima is always looking for two characteristics that its surroundings can offer: simplicity and serenity. This for them, is the best combo.


The dreamy color of Peach Wave roses


Peach Wave roses encourage us to keep in mind the concept of delicacy in our everyday lives. With this rose, let its soft petals be your muse, prompting you to decelerate, cherish the moment, and discover satisfaction in the now. 

Join Rosaprima's Rose Journey

What flower lovers have to know is that the Peach Wave rose is not merely a floral addition; it is a call to action — a reminder to halt, appreciate the now, and find solace in the easiness that shapes our extraordinary lives. 


Rosaprimas most recent rose Peach Wave


As they launch the Peach Wave rose, Rosaprima invites everyone to join their excitement, eagerness, and happiness in sharing yet a new, high-quality, divinely-colored rose with the world. They also invite you to connect with the simple things in life, welcome tranquility, and rejoice in the everyday wonders such as nature and flowers that make life itself.


Photos courtesy of Rosaprima.




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