Plantec Ecuador - Focusing on the Present and Future of the Rose Industry

Hosting a closed-door breakfast for all different parts of the industry. They are also excited to open those doors for readers of Thursd!

By: THURSD. | 10-07-2024 | 3 min read
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Plantec roses

South America's largest rose variety introducer Plantec is always looking at what the coming days, weeks, months, and years will bring. Looking ahead allows one to plan business strategies and product launches optimally. But it is always important to remember that paying attention to the present and the opportunities that arise in the day-to-day is also crucial for taking advantage of opportunities that will strengthen the company and its global networks through experiences and events.

While this nursery's commitment to the future is firm, there is a clear understanding of the importance of addressing current industry needs and fostering connections. The balance between future planning and present action is a crucial aspect of their strategy, ensuring that while they are prepared for what the future holds, they remain agile and responsive to the industry's current dynamics, events, and dynamic experiences in the rose world.

Plantec's Events Made to Strengthen Networking Opportunities

This year, the company seeks to integrate different parts of the floral chain so visiting this rose breeders representative is not only an educational experience but also a chance to learn and connect with other market leaders who specialize in diverse aspects of the industry. This will culminate in a unique event, meant to bring people together as they can see firsthand the challenges and investment that are intrinsic to creating rose varieties that will eventually become industry standards.


Plantec rose introductors
Very promissory roses (no names yet) that may be commercialized in the coming years


During the rose variety selection process, Plantec must focus 5-7 years ahead as part of their daily process, but, as Aviram Krell from Plantec says:

"We can't be so focused on what's down the road that we ignore what is right around the corner."


Aviram Krell Product Manager of Plantec
Aviram Krell, Plantec's Product Manager


As part of the industry event that will occur in October with the Expo Flor Ecuador exhibition, the nursery is hosting a 'Breakfast and Networking' among the roses. Avi Krell believes that many issues could be solved, and many opportunities seized if there were better communications not only between the traditional links of the supply chain but also throughout all the different parts that make up this industry.


Roses by Plantec Ecuador


Aviram Krell from Plantec


Breakfast and Networking

It is not often that gets to meet personally with event planners and floral designers, since they are on the opposite side of the chain. This marks a challenge for Aviram and one he seeks to solve. This is because event planners, floral designers, buyers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, logistic experts, and everyone else who plays such a critical part of the industry have such important feedback and perspectives for the flower world.

He mentions:

"We absolutely should have a closer relationship with all sides of the floral market."


Visiting Plantec to see its roses
Diego Granja, Sales Director of Plantec


Wendy Perez Plantec roses
Wendy Perez from Plantec with a bunch of beautiful Explorer roses.


It is in this spirit that this company is hosting a closed-door breakfast for all different parts of the industry. They are also excited to open those doors for readers of Thursd. This means everyone reading this article is formally invited to the '2024 breakfast between the roses' being able to talk about different topics, different industry leaders, and learn where a rose comes from originally.



In case you want to assist, please contact Aviram Krell, director of Public Relations, at: to learn more details and be kept updated as the date gets closer.


Photos courtesy of Plantec.


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