Plantec's Open Days Showed Innovation, Quality, and the Future of Rose Varieties

Kate Penn, CEO of the Society of American Florists visited their open days and even got a rose baptized in honor of her.

By: THURSD. | 20-03-2024 | 6 min read
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Open Days at Plantec facility in Ecuador

During Plantec 's latest Open House Days, success was seen all around. Through busy days during the event, visitors were able to observe and take note of varieties that stood out for them while observing colors, shapes, and quality as well as varieties that could take their flower businesses to the next level by having some of the most luxurious, high-quality roses in the market.

Fun and Insightful Days at Plantec's Latest Open House Days in Ecuador

A long-time leader in rose varieties, Plantec opened its doors to rose growers and floral market titans for the 34th year in a row. This event also marked the great unveiling of the new Plantec Experience Hall, where the entire team will host year-round events to promote education and communication between all sectors of the flower industry.


Aviram Krell along with other visitors during Plantec Open Days
Aviram Krell (left) along with other visitors during the Open Days event


Plantec Ecuador facility
Plantec introduces their newest 'Experience Hall' at their Ecuadorian facility


Aviram Krell, Plantec's new Product Manager was excited to welcome Kate Penn, CEO of the Society of American Florists since 2017 to their latest Open House Days, which was held for three consecutive days. During the event, growers, buyers, vendors,  wholesalers, and representatives of various governments around the world came to see innovations for the industry and to hear Kate Penn’s presentation about the latest news about the industry. She spoke in front of around 460 industry members about successes, challenges, goals, and trends for 2024.


Kate Penn at Plantecs Open House Days
Kate Penn, CEO of SAF even got a rose 'Katy®' baptized in her honor


The presentation was an incredible success. At the end of the presentation, it was Plantec’s honor in recognition of Kate’s career in promoting and defending the industry, and she got a rose variety baptized in her honor. The new 'Katy' variety was an immediate hit with growers in the industry, and we hope to see the rose available commercially very soon.


Rose Katy by Plantec Ecuador
This rose was baptized with the name Katy®, in honor of Kate Penn


The Stars of the Event

As for the stars of the show, many different rose varieties caught the attention of visitors. The entire team had excellent feedback from the Ecuadorian growers, and varieties such as Rose Atlas® and Rose Shocking Blue® have gained tremendous backing as farms experience not only the elegant and long-lasting flowers but also learn how healthy and productive the plant growth is.


Exotic garden-shaped roses such as the upcoming ExotiX line from breeder Interplant also gained tremendous interest not only for their special shapes but also for their hard petals and productive plants.

Among the varieties that garnered the most attention, going beyond their wildest expectations from growers and rose buyers were Rose Pink Puma, Rose Red Panther, Rose Red Candy Cane, Rose Champagner, Rose Green Romance, and lastly, Rose Dark Crown. These presented themselves to be some of the most promising roses for many attendees.


Different rose varieties shown during Open Days
Top left: Rose Champagner® (Kordes Rosen), Top right: Rose Pink Puma® (Interplant)
Bottom left: Rose Red Panther® (Interplant), and Bottom right: Rose Green Romance® (Delbard)


Dark Crown by Plantec
Rose Dark Crown® from breeder Kordes Rosen was one of Plantec's newest rose varieties, which gained a lot of attention from attendees


Rose Red Candy Cane by Plantec
Another new and eye-catching rose exhibited during Plantec's Open Days was the Rose Red Candy Cane® by breeder Interplant


Showcasing Innovation and Technology at the Open House Days

Plantec showcased the different rootstocks currently popular in commercial growing. Nathal Briar, the most common rootstock for decades, was the best option for disease resistance and aggressive growth. Plant Research Overberg developed an improved version of rootstock named PRO3. What the team sees in the picture is a clear comparison between plants grafted with the Nathal rootstock vs plants grafted in the PRO3 rootstocks. The plants grafted in PRO3 show far more aggressive root growth, and thicker stem growth despite being grafted on the same day as their Nathal Briar counterparts.


Miniplants in PRO Three
Miniplants in Nathal Briar vs Miniplants in PRO3 rootstocks


Rootstock products in Nathal vs in PRO three
A closeup of the difference between roots in Nathal Briar vs in PRO3 miniplants


Additionally, they also presented the new NUF technology water filtration system. NUF filters remove all biological material in water, including nematodes (and their eggs), fungus spores, bacteria, and most viruses. This filtration system has already been incorporated into rose farms, and they are introducing these filters to chicken, pig, and cow producers as well as other industries that can benefit from cheap clean water.


NUF Water filtration system


Plantec - Always Looking to Provide Positive and Innovative Experience for Its Customers and Visitors

Ultimately, one of their main goals is to provide a worthwhile experience for everyone who visits their showrooms in Ecuador. This effort is shown through their innovative rose varieties which challenge the way we imagine rose sizes, shapes, and textures. Their rootstock products can make every farm more efficient and more productive, their cutting-edge revolutionary technology for up-cycling and de-contamination of water will revolutionize the industry, and their willingness to share knowledge and industry data with everyone.


Open House Days at Plantec Ecuador


The success of the Open House Days could not have been possible without the incredible turnout and presence of friends, clients, and supporters in the industry.


Visitors during Open House Days


More About Plantec

'Plantas Tecnicamente Producidas' was born as a pioneer in 1990. They were the first company in the selection of rose varieties in Latin America for cultivation in this region and now proudly represent five rose breeders. Their work allows them to offer a wide collection of varieties entering the market with new shapes and outstanding new colors every year.

Their represented breeders send approximately 6,000 codes per year, of which after a detailed evaluation and selection process, Plantec members make sure to choose the best ones. This implies that the varieties they select have undergone trials and tests in their new vase life laboratory, in soil and hydroponic cultivation, under different geographical conditions and altitudes, even when planting them in different countries.

For this evaluation process, they have two Show Rooms or 'Experimental Areas' located in Cayambe at Flores Verdes and in Yaruquí. All of this has been achieved with the support of a supreme administrative and technical team, which has also allowed them to earn the trust, credibility, and recognition of every one of their customers. For them, success is measured in the continuity and growth of their customers through their varieties.

To know more about their mission, vision, and further varieties, make sure to visit Plantec's website.


Photos courtesy of Plantec.


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