PrimaVision 2024 - A Sneak Peek Into the World of Rosaprima

2024 is full of surprises, especially if you're a rose lover. Tune in to know what this year will bring.

By: THURSD. | 24-01-2024 | 2 min read
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Rose world of Rosaprima

As Rosaprima welcomes the new year, one of the most anticipated moments for them is the launch of PrimaVision 2024. This annual magazine, released twice a year, offers an exclusive glimpse into their flower world. People will be able to explore and learn more about what the last months of 2023 were all about, also including exciting news about new rose varieties, sustainability initiatives, the introduction of the Floraprima brand, technological innovations, internal programs involving employees, and more.

The New Rosaprima Varieties

Whether you're a florist, a rose enthusiast, or just curious about the fascinating world of roses, PrimaVision 2024 is a must-read because one of the highlights of this year's first edition is the unveiling of Rosaprima's latest rose varieties. From vibrant colors to unique fragrances, these roses make a statement in floral arrangements, events, and special occasions and what is coming is stupendous.


Peachy roses by Rosaprima
Stay tuned to Primavision to be the first to know about new rose varieties!


Whenever new flower varieties are involved, nothing can go wrong, so stay tuned for their official launch to be the first to know and get completely soaked in what is coming, including a wrap-up of events that happened in 2023 you may not know of. 


Great part of the Rosaprima team at their farms
The master team behind Rosaprima, a company that strives to be their best and do their best to make the world a more beautiful place through flowers


Sustainability Initiatives 

In today's world, sustainability is paramount, and this prime American flower brand with its main farms located in Ecuador is dedicated to making a positive impact globally. The sustainability efforts undertaken by them with the launch of their first-ever sustainability report highlight the company's commitment to environmentally friendly practices and responsible sourcing while reducing their carbon footprint as well.


The world of roses of Rosaprima
The beautiful world of roses of Rosaprima


A World of Beauty, Innovation and Technology

Primavision 2024 dives into the world of Floraprima, a brand that promises to redefine the world of floriculture. You can learn more about the vision behind Floraprima, its goals, and how it plans to revolutionize the flower industry by visiting the Floraprima website. On the other hand, Rosaprima has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology in rose cultivation, not to mention that behind every successful company are its employees.


Colorful assortment of Rosaprima roses
A colorful assortment of Rosaprima roses including varieties: Country Blues, Dark X-Pression, Momentum Glam, and Queenberry Aloha


Primavision 2024 gives you an inside look into the various internal programs and initiatives that Rosaprima has implemented to engage and empower its workforce. Discover how the company fosters a culture of collaboration, growth, and dedication among its employees. 


Rosaprimas innovation in floral designs


Primavision 2024 promises to be an exciting and informative journey. You can ask for a copy from your local wholesaler.


Photos by Rosaprima.


Rosaprima banner



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