Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Rose Radiance With These Tips

Looking to make your Ecuadorian roses shine and radiate beauty even more? Make sure to follow these tips from Chrysal and EQR Roses!

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Mastering your roses with Chrysal and EQR

A fantastic duo has come together to provide a set of tips and tricks that work magnificently when taking care of your roses. Considered among the queens of flowers, roses, like any other type of flower require specific care handles to enjoy their enchantment fuller and for a longer period. Chrysal and EQR Roses from Ecuador have prepared a guideline that provides the most essential info to look after your favorite roses.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Roses Adequately With Tips From Chrysal and EQR Roses

Equatoroses, a renowned rose grower from the picturesque landscapes of Ecuador, has collaborated with Chrysal to present an insightful set of rose care tips. Revered as the queen of flowers, roses stand as symbols of luxury and romance, offering a vast array of cultivars, colors, and shapes to enchant enthusiasts worldwide. Recognizing the universal desire to extend the enjoyment of these flowers, they have combined their expertise to craft a comprehensive guide tailored for growers, florists, and consumers alike.


Fresh and beautiful rose arrangement
A fresh and beautiful rose arrangement that has been taken care of with the appropriate products
Photo: @chrysal


Kicking off With the Grower

To kick off the 411 on rose care, it's important to begin with what is known as a 'bent neck' in a rose. This happens when the stem directly beneath the bud is not strong enough to support the growing flower, causing it to bend. A good post-harvest treatment at the grower prevents this issue such as the Chrysal RVB.

This product helps in taking better care of your roses because it promotes water intake and flower development while preventing early aging and bent neck. Moreover, roses must also be cut at a specific stage because flowers that are cut too early are more prone to this bending, whereas roses cut too late are more prone to damage.


EQR rose varieties from Ecuador
A colorful rose combination by EQR Roses
Photo: @equatoroses


Recommended Rose Care Tips for Florists

The best rose treatment in store involves using a Chrysal Professional 2 solution. This keeps the roses in good condition, preserves their color, and keeps the flowers from opening up too much. Your roses will last much longer, and you will have far less waste. On the other side, Professional 3 is suitable for floral arrangements and vases because it contains essential nutrients for your flowers to bloom while also keeping them fresh for up to 60% longer.


Chrysal care tips for roses


To keep the flowers looking their best for longer, leave the thorns in place. Removing thorns damages the stem, making the rose more sensitive to pollution. If you insist on removing the thorns, do so carefully to minimize the damage. But voila! There you have them—the best care tips for your roses to shine and make your spaces even more beautiful and dazzling.


Chrysal solutions for Ecuador Roses
Chrysal's solutions for rose growers and florists


Let's move on to care tips for consumers! PS: take note because these tips are great pieces of advice to see your roses growing vigorously.

Rose Care Tips for Consumers

For consumers seeking to prolong the allure of their roses, a careful approach to care becomes paramount. The care process begins with a precise cut, wherein a modest 2-5 cm should be delicately snipped from the stem, ensuring a clean surface for optimal water absorption. Employing a sharp knife or secateurs is essential, as a clean cut minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination, promoting the overall health and longevity of the blooms.


Keeping water fresh for best rose results
Photo: @paralisart from Unsplash


The role of Chrysal Supreme Rosa flower food cannot be overstated while caring for your roses. This specialized flower food enriches the vase water with essential nutrients that nourish the roses and enhance their vibrancy. Simultaneously, consumers are advised to remove the lower leaves, preventing their submersion in water and potential bacterial growth, a step that ensures the purity of the vase environment.






This Is How You and Your Customers Will Enjoy Your Roses Optimally - Chrysal
Use Chrysal's Supreme Rosa flower food to obtain the best results


Soft pink roses by Equatoroses
Soft pink roses by Equatoroses


To further safeguard the beauty of roses, a strategic placement away from ripening fruit, drafts, and direct sunlight is recommended. As the water level in the vase naturally diminishes, consumers are encouraged to play an active role in the preservation process by topping up the vase with both water and the specialized flower food when it reaches approximately one-third capacity. This conscientious care routine ensures their grace long after they have found a place in the home.



The spectacular rose Free Spirit in full bloom
The spectacular Rose Free Spirit in full bloom when taken care of appropriately


There's no greater beauty than that of flowers (especially if they're taken great care of)!


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