Rose Noëlia Is the White Angelical Rose That Is Fully Trending

Named as novelty of the year back in October 2021 during the FlowerExpo in Moscow, this white stunning rose continues to charm and conquer everyone with its natural beauty.

By: THURSD. | 13-12-2022 | 4 min read
Rose Noelia is the perfect white rose header on Thursd

Trending and transcending in the rose world, Rose Noëlia is everything you've ever wished for when it comes to a white paradise. Just grab a bunch of Rose Noëlia stems and you're set to see the most stunning arrangement of white roses your eyes have encountered. What makes her so dreamy? She'll tell you all the details.

Rose Noëlia - A Pure White Paradise

Who doesn't love a good dose of white roses? They ensemble everything from elegance, all the way to a classy look wherever you place them. Rose Noëlia is a specialist in this. Whether you use her gorgeousness to combine with all sorts of flower arrangements, or want to opt for an all-white arrangement, she'll do the job.


Rose Noëlia white arrangement on Thursd
Rose Noëlia


Just remember: white roses can never go wrong. What do floral designers and flower lovers love most about Rose Noëlia? By experience, many can say they attribute their adoration for this rose because of the pristine white rose it depicts and illustrates, along with a spectacular extra large head size.

Perfect for Winter and Wedding Designs

Classy and outstandingly beautiful, Rose Noëlia by grower Paul van der Hulst is the ultimate rose choice especially during the wintery and coldest months of the year, as white colors are extra necessary to brighten up the dark winter days. There's no better way of having more light at home than with a bouquet made especially of Rose Noëlia.


Rose Noëlia cut flower on Thursd feature


Even if you feel a loved one needs an extra dose of brightness and a straight array of love during the holidays, Rose Noëlia is the perfect white fit. Besides being a spectacular choice to use for winter designs and decor, this rose is widely used for bridal bouquets throughout the entire year, meaning it's a rose that stuns 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rose Noëlia Was Named Novelty of the Year in 2021

Back in the FlowerExpo held in Russia in 2021, Rose Noëlia impressed the attendees of the fair. Given the impact it caused on the visitors, the white rose was named novelty of the year in October of 2021. The obsession over the pure white color of the rose started at that point, and up until this day has not faded away. Rose Noëlia has a special way of getting into flower lovers' and designers' hearts and the magical ability to make arrangements look impressive.


Rose Noelia named novelty of the year at FlorExpo Russia on Thursd


Rose Care Tips to See Noëlia Thriving


Rose Noelia is a great rose for wedding and winter designs on Thursd


So, are you eager and excited to get a hold of the most stupendous white roses? Rose Noëlia is waiting to make part of your floral creations.

More About the Grower

The grower of Rose Noelia is Paul van der Hulst. His nursery is part of a family group of growers that are united in Van der Hulst Rozenkwekerijen. This is a true family business and a collaboration of three modern rose nurseries: M&D van der Hulst Rozen, Paul van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij, and Sjaak van der Hulst Rozenkwekerij. All three have specialized in the supply of large-flowered, high-quality roses.


Paul van der Hulst Rose Noëlia on Thursd
Grower Paul van der Hulst. Photo by @florapodium.


Breeder Jan Spek Rozen

Jan Spek Rozen is a rose breeder that demonstrates timeless values and at the same time modern breeding and selection methods. This is time and again accomplished ever since its foundation in 1890.

Creating Roses

The specialty of Jan Spek Rozen is to create roses for professional growers wherever in the world, from Europe to Africa, and from South America to Asia.


Jan Spek Rozen breeder Rose Noelia on Thursd





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