Why the Red Naomi Roses From Porta Nova Are So Highly Appreciated

Falling in love with these roses never was this easy!

By: THURSD. | 01-02-2023 | 6 min read
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Would you like to be Rose Red Naomi's Valentine for the upcoming celebration? Make sure to pick them from grower Porta Nova. Because then, this rose can be your newest and most adorable Valentine's Day crush. This stunning red dazzling Red Naomi beauty by the renowned grower Porta Nova is everything that is right for the most loving season of the year. Meet her now! Your Nr.1 red rose for Valentine. From the Nr.1 grower!

Celebrate Love With Rose Red Naomi From Porta Nova

Rose Red Naomi was introduced to the flower markets in 2006 and is still having its moment. Rose Red Naomi from Porta Nova enters this year's Valentine's season with a big loving bang and impression. The Red Naomi rose has become by far the most important Dutch-grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment. Why do so many people cherish and adore this red rose? And why in particular from grower Porta Nova? You're about to find out!


Pirjo Koppi With This Open Heart of Rose Red Naomi Porta Nova
Design by Pirjo Koppi

Rose Red Naomi

She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. Rose Red Naomi is a red rose with a huge flower head and a subtle scent. A scent that is so lovely it will pamper your senses. To make her Valentine's statement even better and add one more reason why you or your loved ones need a dose of this rose for V-day, no other red rose in the market has a better performance than Red Naomi.


Rose Red Naomi Porta Nova
Red Naomi Roses from Nr.1 Grower Porta Nova


Rose Red Naomi From Porta Nova Has It All

Slay, slay, slay! Rose Red Naomi has it all. Porta Nova Red Naomi Supra is known for its long stems, outstanding transportability, and superb vase life, Valentine's Day is ringing to have this rose around everywhere. 

If what you're looking for is a red rose with excellent head size, Rose Red Naomi by Porta Nova has what you need, by a stretch of the imagination. Her large red, dense, and lightly fragrant petals will leave you rosy for over a fortnight. Another benefit of working with Red Naomi roses is that they have relatively few thorns compared with other red roses.


Heart Full of Rose Red Naomi by Porta Nova Design by Claudia Tararache
Design by Claudia Tararache

Rose Red Naomi Is a Valentine's Day Essential

Rose Red Naomi has quickly become a top red rose among popular celebrities and renowned floral designers because of the extremely large flower head, luxurious look & feel, great performance, and unique perfume it shows off. Not only that but why choose a regular red rose when you can have Red Naomi for your Valentine's Day celebration? Make this your staple rose to elevate the quality of your lovely feelings. Imagine having a bouquet full of these gorgeous red roses. You've got Valentine's Day red rose heaven right here!


Hand-tied Bouquet by Claudia Tararache With Rose Red Naomi Porta Nova
Design by Claudia Tararache


Porta Nova - Dedicated to Quality in Horticulture

Porta Nova is a renowned rose grower in the flower industry, known for producing high-quality Red Naomi and White Naomi roses. The company has a large greenhouse in Aalsmeer, Netherlands, where they use cutting-edge technology and sustainable growing methods to cultivate high-quality roses. Some reasons why Porta Nova is the best grower for Red Naomi roses are:

  1. Expertise: Porta Nova has extensive experience and knowledge in growing roses, specifically Red Naomi roses, which results in consistent and optimal growing conditions. In their greenhouse, Porta Nova utilizes hydroponic growing systems, which allow them to control the water, nutrients, light, and temperature of each individual plant. This results in healthier and stronger plants that produce more blooms, with longer vase life.

  2. Quality Control: Porta Nova implements strict quality control measures to ensure that each Red Naomi rose is of the highest quality. Porta Nova focuses completely on the quality of their blooms. This focus is reflected in all aspects of their operations and it leads to a continuous process of improvement involving their products, the organization, and the world around us. This is best reflected in their new nursery, in which Porta Nova did everything in their power to create optimal circumstances for red and white Naomi roses.

  3. Sustainable Practices: Porta Nova installed LED lights in all their greenhouses. A big investment, but it's also paying off immediately. Because thanks to this special LED light they can save 40% on lighting costs this winter. 
    Thanks to this lighting and their unique 'Climator System' in which they store heat from the summer underground and use it for heating in the winter, they are able to grow top-quality roses. Porta Nova buys in CO² from the port of Rotterdam, where it is available as a residual product, and uses it in the greenhouse so the roses grow even better. All these methods with the goal of achieving the lowest carbon footprint per rose possible.

  4. Innovative Growing Techniques: Porta Nova uses innovative growing techniques to produce premium quality Red Naomi roses, such as the use of state-of-the-art greenhouses and computer-controlled climate systems. Porta Nova has switched to gasless growing. They currently use green current and keep their roses fit and healthy using natural methods to control diseases and harmful organisms. The company's roses are grown in a controlled environment, free from pests and diseases, allowing for a consistent, year-round supply of high-quality blooms.

  5. Global Network: Porta Nova has a global network of professional florists and suppliers, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of Red Naomi roses to customers worldwide. It is up to traders and florists to also create the optimum circumstances during transport and in the shops, to let the roses reach their full potential at the consumer. the people of Porta Nova are on top of this, ensuring the quality stays excellent. That's good news for the coming Valentine's!

In conclusion, Porta Nova's expertise, quality control, sustainable practices, innovative growing techniques, and global network make it the best grower for Red Naomi roses.


Led Lighting at Porta Nova Red Naomi Greenhouses
Sustainable Led Lighting at Porta Nova's Greenhouses


Porta Nova Red Naomi Supra

The highest quality is called Red Naomi Supra. With long 80 cm stems, and huge buds with a high count of rose petals, this quality scores like crazy. Every woman is entitled to receive these beautiful Red Naomi Supras.  Porta Nova is known for the consistent appearance of their roses: Porta Nova's strict quality control measures ensure that each 'Supra' Red Naomi rose has a consistent appearance, making sure that all roses are the same in each bucket of roses you buy. Buying Red Naom I Roses is a safe choice, and therefore the preferred choice for professional florists and customers. When it comes to buying red roses for Valentine's.


Porta Nova Rose Red Naomi Supra Everlasting Quality


Try out the loving power of Rose Red Naomi and let it be your true Valentine's Day gift to your loved ones or yourself.


Rose Red Naomi by Porta Nova Banner



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