The Exquisite Resin-and-Wire Hairpins by Tokyo-Based Artist Sakae

Inspired by the intricate wings and petals of nature, she has created wearable pieces of art that capture the beauty.

By: THURSD. | 28-06-2023 | 3 min read
Floral Art
Set of resin flower hairpins

In the world of accessories, it's rare to find pieces that capture the intricate beauty of nature with such precision and artistry. Sakae, a talented Tokyo-based artist and designer has managed to create just that with her remarkable resin-and-wire hairpins.

Sakae Plays and Creates With the Art of Flora and Fauna Hairpins

Undoubtedly, Sakae's inspiration comes from all the surrounding spaces that are highly filled with nature. She's a real mastermind when her hands start moving to create such intricate pieces for the hair and quite honestly, many around the world are fascinated with the results.

Sakae's exquisite hairpins not only serve as functional accessories but also double as stunning works of wearable art. With an uncanny ability to mimic elaborate wings and petals, her creations are a testament to her exceptional craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail.


Coloful hairpin made of resin by Sakae


When it comes to finding inspiration, Sakae looks no further than the enchanting world of nature. She finds herself drawn to the intricate patterns, delicate structures, and vibrant colors found in the wings of butterflies and the petals of flowers. It is this fascination with nature's design that fuels her creativity and drives her to recreate its beauty in her resin-and-wire hairpins.


Green butterfly hairpin accesory made by Sakae


Sakae spends hours observing and studying the intricate details of various wing and petal structures. She pays close attention to the way light interacts with these elements, capturing the ethereal quality that makes them so captivating. By observing nature's designs, Sakae is able to translate their essence into her own artistic creations.

Join Sakae’s Interesting Journey Into the Resin World

Sakae's journey into working with resin began as a quest to find a medium that could faithfully replicate the delicate and translucent qualities of wings and petals. She experimented with various materials but found that resin offered the perfect combination of flexibility, durability, and visual appeal.


Giant opening bloom made of wires and resin tecnique


Resin, a synthetic material that hardens when mixed with a catalyst, allows Sakae to meticulously recreate the intricate details found in wings and petals. The skilled artist carefully pours the resin into custom molds, capturing the precise shapes and textures of her natural inspirations. The resin then cures, resulting in a glossy and transparent finish that adds an extra layer of allure to her hairpins. The words that best describe her work are craftsmanship and great attention to detail. It's how she likes to do it!


Autumn leaves wire hairpins by Sakae


Hairpins That Are a Labor of Pure Love and Passionate Work

Sakae's artistic process is a labor of love that requires patience, precision, and an unwavering commitment to detail. One of the characteristics that make her work extra special is how she meticulously handcrafts each hairpin, painstakingly shaping the wire to mimic the delicate veins of a butterfly's wing or the curling petals of a flower. The resin is then carefully poured and set, capturing the intricate design and essence of the natural world.


Sakae creates hair resin flower accesories


What sets Sakae's work apart from other artists in her country and the industry overall is her unwavering attention to every single detail in each of her resin hairpins. Every curve, every vein, and every petal is carefully crafted to ensure a faithful representation of nature's beauty. The result is a collection of hairpins that not only mimic the appearance of wings and petals but also evoke a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world.


Hanging flower lanterns for hair in blue tones


The Artistry of Wearable Nature

Sakae's resin-and-wire hairpins are not merely accessories; they are wearable pieces of art that allow individuals to carry a piece of nature's elegance wherever they go. Each hairpin is unique, showcasing the intricate patterns, colors, flora, and fauna that can be appreciated in the natural world.


Closeup detail of Sekaes hairpins


Whether adorned with the delicate wings of a butterfly or the graceful petals of a flower, Sakae's creations are a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us.


Japanese artist Sakae embellishes hair with resin pins


Sakae’s contemporary iterations connect to her rich cultural heritage, adorning customary hairstyles during special occasions like ceremonies or weddings. The Tokyo-based artist periodically sells her pieces via auction, which you can find updates about on Sakae's website and Facebook.



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