Explore The 'Slow Life' Interior Design Trend Using Calla Lilies

This therapeutic movement emphasizes a desire to introduce some slowness into everyday life, as well as creating a space that brings serenity.

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Callas for tranquil interiors

'Slow Life' is a style trend that is part of the Green Sector Trends 2025. The trend alludes to erratic times when it can be necessary to reduce the size and manageability of the world. Home is where people find connection, safety, and trust in their little bubble. By doing this, isolation and hardening in surroundings lessens as well. Both the environment and health of your home are essential to maintain an overall well-being, and that includes having flowers as part of your slow life living nowadays.

Slow Life in Interior Design

It is said that many around the world are opting to adopt a 'slow living' lifestyle, reckoning slow mornings where people are starting to take their time to do things they love and nourish both their minds, bodies, and the environment they live in — a.k.a. 'home'. The Slow Life trend seeks to fit in and view the outside world logically while incorporating those things that are good (flowers), do good (flowers), and make you see good (flowers, once again, among other things, of course!)


Light calla lilies decorating a table
Light calla lilies among other flowers decorating a table as part of the Slow Life trend


The main features of this interior movement are serenity and organic materials. Warm, pastel, and natural colors complement traditional home products, which are used with care. Another notable characteristic of this trend is the use of simple, recognizable shapes, and here is where calla lilies play a key role when it comes to decorating your interiors with a type of flower. Callas are indeed the perfect option for describing a simple shape that comes in aesthetic colors both neutral and stronger colors that could give a white-colored interior a touch of contrast but always seeking the delicacy of this trend.


Slow Life trend with callas


The interior thus has a calming, sustainable character. Flower arrangements stand out because of their pastel-colored combinations and their quiet presence, and plants in soft leaf colors and variegated leaves are also seen around embellishing spots around a home.


Complementing interiors with calla lilies


Calla Lilies as a Main Ingredient of the Trend

To make it to the top of the trend, you must learn to identify what the main ingredients will be to be able to transform your interior spaces following this movement. Simply Calla shares that calla lilies could become your greatest ally as the main flower to decorate your favorite places at home. Why? The forms of this flower are identifiable, modest, and straightforward, three key components of this trend.


White callas for a harmonious ambiance
Photo: iBulb


The majority of the materials used in Slow Life are natural, sustainable, and friendly to the environment. This further demonstrates that designs do not have to be ostentatious. Simple checks, stripes, and the organic patterns of flowers, leaves, and branches come to mind.


Lilac and burgundy callas in a patterned background
Lilac and burgundy callas in a patterned background, fitting perfectly into the Slow Life trend


Colors That Make Up a Slow Life Interior

There are two components to the color scheme used in this interior design trend. One side features a row of delicate pastel colors, mostly meant for flowers and plants, like light pink, nudes, whites, lilac, and light blue. These tones can be then flanked by colors such as ochre, yellow, green, and burgundy. For the tranquil interior, there are also neutral brown tones and light greys. As you can see, the trend gives you several options to play around and see what you like best for your ambiance.


Orange and yellow callas creating contrast
Bright colors can also make part of the trend, taking into consideration what gives your ambiance more harmony, and simplicity and take into consideration the size of the arrangement as well


Burgundy callas in a neutral vase


The good part? Calla lilies give you endless possibilities to create a harmonious, simple, peaceful yet a little colorful with the flowers' color options. Simply Calla recommends mixing and playing up a little until you achieve the Slow Life interior you've been yearning for this second half of the year.



Aesthetic decor using white callas
Photo: iBulb


Remember, peace, simplicity, harmony, natural, sober, essential, conscious, sustainable, authentic, and comforting is what it's all about.


Photos courtesy of Simply Calla.


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