A Glimpse of Luxury and Class With Garden Special Spray Roses From Jan Spek Rozen

Premium quality, exclusively sort-after flowers, the perfect touch of luxury and class.

By: THURSD. | 06-03-2024 | 3 min read
Garden Special Spray

When it comes to achieving a desirable color range for your mixed bouquets without using a lot of flowers, garden special spray roses always do the trick. Garden Special Sprays have that graceful presence, with more than four buds per stem, you get more of a rose just in one single stem. Breeder Jan Spek Rozen is bringing you a unique touch and taste of spray roses, with its garden special spray range.

Though color counts when it comes to garden special spray roses, with most consumers checking mostly the white, yellow, red, and pink tones, also the texture and shape of your spray roses matter! This is an art Jan Spek Rozen has perfected, with the availability of a wide range of colors, and shapes, you are in for a treat as a floral designer.

Garden Special Spray Roses

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A touch of luxury, a chance to elevate your floral design game while curating high-end events desirably. Garden special spray roses from Jan Spek are highly exclusive spray roses, with multiple buds and they are ideal for luxury bouquets. Grown exclusively by selected growers all over the world, from Africa to Asia, and from Europe to North and South America, garden special spray roses are a must-have and should be sampled by floral designers, especially high-end floral designers who are always keen to work with quality and luxurious novelties.


Garden special spray roses
Garden Special Spray Rose Mansfield Park


From this family expect varieties like Garden Special Spray roses Georgia Peach, Royal Park, Royal Blush, Maroon, Mansfield Pink Park, and Mansfield Park just to name a few.

Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Park

Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Park is the epitome of luxury and high-end flowers for a wedding with a huge budget and keen to incorporate pricey design items.


Garden special spray roses
Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Park


With a shade of cream/white and an incredible garden-shaped opening, florists will find Royal Park such a great Garden Special Spray rose to work with.

Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Wedding

Royalty, class, and spray roses with premium quality and character. Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Wedding, with a fusion of Mansfield Park and Royal Park, gives you a top-notch unique, and premium range of flowers needed for your unique and expensive events.


Garden special spray roses
Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Wedding


Garden Special Spray Rose Royal Wedding comes with shades of cream outside petals with a pinkish shade in its heart, making it a unique and intriguing spray rose for your wedding floral needs.

Garden Special Spray Roses for Every Occasion

Spray roses from Jan Spek Rozen
Garden Special Spray Rose Lady Ella


spray roses from Jan Spek Rozen
Garden Special Spray Rose Caulifia


Spray roses from Jan Spek Rozen
Garden Special Spray Rose Darlington


Spray Roses

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Some of the varieties you should expect in this group of spray roses include (for Kenyan growers) Irischka Cream Irischka, Lavender Irischka, Pink Irischka, Purple Irischka, Romantic Irischka, Charming Irischka, and Elisana. For European growers varieties like Kate-Lynn, Kate-Lynn Pink, Kate-Lynn Crystal, and Angelique give the best results.


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Experience the Uniqueness of These Incredible Spray Roses

In a market where every breeder has already invested, spray roses just like standard roses are extremely competitive. For every breeder to stand out, they have to clearly identify their market, position themselves correctly, and create much-needed awareness. Separating yourself from the pact is crucial, breeding a product with a unique taste to it, this is the case with these spray roses from Jan Spek Rozen.

The breeder is confident that, with a significant amount of flowers from both its garden special spray and spray rose categories coming into the market; finally you will get a chance to experience the unique quality, shape, and color of spray roses from its wide portfolio.
More updates about the breeder's spray roses will be posted here, so keep following to stay updated on the latest!


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