Spring Can Begin - The First Campanulas Are in Bloom

Enjoy a flowering garden and patio with these shining stars and beautiful bells!

By: THURSD. | 02-02-2022 | 2 min read
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Spring is in sight and the first campanula plants are leaving the greenhouse. That means the campanula season is almost here and pretty different varieties are lined up and ready to boost your patio, terrace, or garden. Go for the classic white, stylish pink, or feisty purple campanula. The possibilities are endless for this cheerful bloomer.

The New Campanula Season Is Here

With their classic or cheerful appearance, the campanulas from Addenda are perhaps the most rewarding plants you can think of. But how do you best use the campanula? And how do you ensure that you can enjoy this plant for as long as possible?


Campanula - quote on Thursd

Ideal for Hanging Baskets, Planters, and Pots

The campanula is ideal for hanging baskets and looks great in planters and pots. Their classic and cheerful appearance makes them fit almost anywhere in your outdoors. A bare patch of soil in the garden? Why not plant a campanula - they create a superbly attractive ground cover. The campanula is a strong plant that can withstand frost very well. The campanula flowers are approximately from June till October.


Three colors campanula - on Thursd

Campanula Ambella come in three colors: Lavender, Purple, White


The campanula is also called the bellflower or meadow bellflower. They are plants that originally come from meadows in the Alps. There they can even occur in areas of about 2,000 meters in height. This makes it a strong plant that is excellent against frost.


White Campanula by Addenda - on Thursd

Campanula Ambella White


Purple campanula - on ThursdCampanula Ambella Purple



The campanula from Addenda is available in two varieties: Ambella & Adansa. The exuberant floral splendor of the campanula forms a radiant centerpiece in your garden. The perennial does not only do well indoors but also outdoors. With their classic or cheerful appearance, these campanulas are perhaps the most rewarding plants you can think of.

Campanula Ambella®

Campanula Ambella® is a plant with a more classic style. The bell-shaped flowers give the plant a distinguished appearance. It has a compact, rounded habit with upright flowers. Plant her in a large, attractive pot on the terrace or in a lovely pot and combine with some indoor or outdoor ornaments to make a show-stopping creation! Finished blooming? Simply plant out in the border and enjoy a natural, new display of flowers in September.


Potted campanula - on Thursd

Campanula Ambella Lavender


Campanula Adansa®

Campanula Adansa® is a lively whirlwind. Her star-shaped flowers will lead you on a merry chase through your garden. It has a trailing habit with exquisite, tumbling tendrils that look amazing in pots and borders. But its true beauty will really shine if you place her in a hanging basket.


Campanula Adansa Pink - on Thursd

Campanula Adansa Pink


So, Enjoy your flowering garden, terrace, or patio with these shining stars and beautiful bells!




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