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surround yourself with flowers, let their colors enliven your space, and allow their delicate fragrances to fill the air.

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As spring draws to a close and summer eagerly awaits its turn, there is no better way to transition between the seasons than with an abundant display of cut flowers and flowering plants. Flowers, with their vibrant colors, delicate petals, and captivating fragrances, serve as nature's springtime symphony. Here are a few of Decorum's favorite blooms that serve as spring toppers!

Seasonal Product Picks by Decorum

Flowers effortlessly bridge the gap between the awakening of life in spring and the full bloom of summer's glory. Blooming gardens, meadows adorned with wildflowers, and floral arrangements bursting with beauty bring a sense of joy and anticipation, signaling the arrival of warmer days and longer evenings.

Flowers and their presence uplift our spirits and connect us to the rhythm of the seasons, reminding us of the ever-changing beauty of the natural world. Relishing in their ephemeral splendor, Decorum shares some of their favorite blooming picks for the season.


Decorum seasonal flowers and plants summer



Grown by Hofland Flowering Group, the freesia is a stunning flower that exhibits striking beauty when displayed individually in a vase, yet it also harmonizes gracefully when combined with other floral companions. This captivating flower is alternatively referred to as the 'Cape Lily of the Valley,' owing to its initial discovery in South Africa.


The delicate look of freesias


Alongside its visual appeal, freesias carry a profound symbolism. They represent trust and innocence, making them a meaningful choice for various occasions. Particularly notable is its association with the seventh year of marriage, as it symbolizes pure and unwavering love, often making it a cherished gift to commemorate this milestone.


Lilies, grown by Moerman Lilium are the perfect addition to your spring goodies. Lilium, commonly known as the 'lily', presents itself as both a cut flower and a potted plant, offering versatility for various floral arrangements. Throughout ancient times, this plant has held a significant and symbolic essence. To the Greeks and Romans, the lily represented adaptability, purity, and virginity, making it a favored choice for adorning women's crowns during weddings and ceremonial events.


Lilies grown by Moerman Lilium


Additionally, the lily frequently holds a prominent position in religious ceremonies, particularly the white varieties. In contemporary times, it has evolved into a symbol of femininity and love, carrying sentimental connotations. Some varieties also possess a delightful fragrance, adding an extra layer of sensory delight.


Grown by Villa Gerbera, the gerbera is not only a breathtaking flower when used in floral arrangements, but it also comes in the form of a potted plant. Potted gerberas offer a wide variety of types, sizes, and colors, but they all share one common trait: they bring forth positive energy! The potted gerbera is well-suited for outdoor spaces, be it on your terrace or garden table. It adds a sunny touch to your garden.


Gerberas by Villa Gerbera


When the peony graces your home, you can be certain that summer has truly arrived. The months of May and June showcase this mesmerizing flower at its finest. If you have fallen under the spell of the peony's allure, you are in for a delightful treat, as there are over a thousand varieties to choose from, each showcasing its unique shape and size.


Peonies are the perfect spring flower


You can find single-rowed petals, charming 'half' double blooms, and fully double flowers, all displaying a captivating color palette that ranges from delicate shades of yellow and romantic white to vibrant bubblegum pink and deep crimson red. Not to be overlooked is the peony's enchanting fragrance, which exudes a sweet and captivating aroma. Symbolizing love, happiness, and health, this flower brings a suitcase full of positivity when you indulge in a bunch. The grower behind this remarkable product is Borst Bloembollen.


Spring is joyfully announced by the radiant Narcissus, more commonly known as daffodils. These bulbs, accompanied by verdant shoots, give rise to graceful stems crowned with serene, light brown heads that gracefully unfurl into exquisite trumpet-shaped blossoms. They bring instant cheer and swiftly bloom indoors, embodying the essence of spring. These delightful potted bulbs are an ideal way to invigorate your living space, offering a quick and effective burst of color, especially when the outdoor surroundings remain cold, wintry, and monotonously grey.


Daffodils are a beautiful spring bloom
Daffodils, a.k.a. Narcissus


The daffodil buds unfurl with remarkable swiftness, and if you listen closely to the tranquility of your home, you might even catch the delicate rustling sound as they unfurl their petals. Interestingly, the plant derives its name from the vain hunter of Greek mythology, Narcissus, who became infatuated with his own reflection in the water and tragically met his demise by drowning. This mythological tale is reflected in the downward gaze of daffodils, forever capturing a sense of introspection and modesty.

Narcissus cut flowers are grown by W.F. Leenen. Narcissus plants are grown by HL Hogervorst.


The flower of the Scilla Peruviana grows from a large bulb. The plant is native to southern Europe and northern Africa and is also known as star hyacinth. You can place the scilla, like many other bulbous plants, indoors and outdoors preferably in a sunny spot. This star hyacinth does not tolerate frost well, therefore it's important to cover it against severe frost, for example with a layer of leaves. Make sure the scilla's potting soil feels moist, but do not place the plant in a layer of water.

Scilla Peruviana is grown by Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants.


Scilla flower by Decorum
Scilla Peruviana



The Muscari on the other hand, also known as 'blue float', is one of the first plants to show color when everything else is still hibernating. It is a distant relative of the hyacinth and comes from areas around the Mediterranean Sea. The Muscari owes its nickname 'blue grape' to the racemose flowers that are located on top of a narrow stem. They can be placed in the open ground from the pot, but also do well on garden tables. Since they grow between 10-25 cm high, it's best to place them in a low, wide container or bowl.

Muscari is grown by HL Hogervorst.


A closeup view of the Muscari flower



The betulia, often overshadowed by its more famous relative, the begonia, has gained its own share of popularity and admiration. It proves to be a gratifying and prolific bloomer, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors. Regardless of your preference for vibrant blossoms or resilient foliage adorned with intricate patterns and intense hues, the Betulia offers a wide array of options.


Colorful pink betulias make great outdoor plants


With its numerous white, pink, orange-red, or bright red flowers, this plant continuously blooms, provided that faded flowers are promptly removed. It is a hassle-free and compact plant suitable for indoor cultivation, effortlessly bringing a touch of radiance to any space. While its roots can be traced back to the Dominican Republic, the Betulia flourishes just as beautifully in various locations. Once the weather becomes favorable, allowing the plant to venture outdoors, it will continue to thrive and bloom splendidly in the warm embrace of the sun. The breeder behind this remarkable creation is J&P Ten Have.


With her vibrant presence and blossoms brimming with freshness and joy, she invites the essence of spring to permeate your living space. Her name draws inspiration from the shape of her flowers, as campanula originates from the Latin term for 'little bell'. Native to northern Italy, this enchanting plant adorns rock formations, draping them with a natural carpet of beauty. While it thrives best in sun-drenched regions, it can also grace other areas with its charm.


Meet the campanula flower


By providing proper care, you can relish in multiple flowering periods, ensuring a prolonged display of her delicate blooms. It is crucial to remove faded flowers to encourage new growth. Moreover, the campanula is a versatile addition, suitable not only for indoor cultivation but also for enhancing gardens and terraces. The dedicated growers of this delightful product are none other than Ten Have Plant.


Grown by HL Hogervorst, hyacinths invite you to smell the pleasant fragrance of the spring season. With their wonderful smell and bright colors, winter will quickly leave your home. Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon are considered their homeland, from where they came to Europe around 1560, but it took about a couple of centuries until everyone could enjoy their beauty.


Lavender color hyacinths


In the 17-18 centuries. hyacinths were so rare that only wealthy people had them in their greenhouses. Luckily things are different these days! Like many other flowers, hyacinths have their own meaning. Hyacinth is the flower of the sun god Apollo, it symbolizes freedom, devotion, beauty, as well as strength and pride.


Spring is heralded by a sphere of vibrant flowers, and the hydrangea is the perfect embodiment of this. Whether your preference leans towards shades of red, purple, pink, white, blue, or green, the Hydrangea offers a delightful array of colors. The delicate petals create a beautiful contrast against the robust dark green leaves and sturdy woody trunks, evoking a sense of joy.


Spring pink hydrangeas


Nowadays flower lovers have the opportunity to transform their own garden into a blossoming haven with the hydrangea flower. It's important to note that hydrangeas prefer partial shade and don't thrive in full sun. Embrace the beauty and charm of this plant grown by JoGrow.


Originally from Brazil, this tropical indoor plant is a true gem of South America! In its natural habitat, the caladium, grown by Richplant thrives alongside rivers in lush jungles, enjoying the moist conditions and dappled light. However, it can also make a stunning addition to your living room, provided you keep its natural habitat in mind.


The amazing caladium plant for spring



Celosias, grown by Ammerlaan Sosef, is a plant that captures immediate attention with its captivating presence. It boasts a vibrant appearance adorned with uniquely shaped flowers. From pointed blooms to the exquisite cockscomb, which, with a touch of imagination, resembles a fascinating brain. The range of colors is equally dazzling, spanning from radiant red, vibrant yellow, pristine white, deep purple, delicate pink, refreshing green, and lively orange, to even mesmerizing multi-colored varieties. The sight of such a display is sure to bring joy and delight.


The amazing shape and color of celosias



Last but not least is the Pennisetum plant. Its name is derived from the striking dark spikes that adorn it. Originating from Australia and East Asia, this plant showcases its flowering nature through its Latin name, Pennisetum, where 'Penna' signifies feather and 'seta' refers to bristle. For optimal growth, it is recommended to position the plant in a sunny location within your garden and ensure that the soil remains adequately moist without drying out.


Pennisetum plant by decorum


By leaving the spikes unpruned until spring, the plant exhibits hardiness, offering protection against frost. After pruning, fresh leaves quickly emerge, and during the summer, the splendid 'pig feathers' make a delightful reappearance. Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants is the grower of this amazing product.


Not only do these plants make part of the spring repertoire, but many others! Make sure to visit Decorum to immerse yourself in their flower and plant world.


Photos courtesy of Decorum.



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