Techo International Airport in Cambodia Will Be a Plant Haven

The project offers a new vision for Cambodia’s capital, filling it with a vast extension of colorful plants and trees.

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Plant invasion at Techo Airport

Foster + Partners showcases the design team's progress toward completing the new Techo International Airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia which is filled with meters and meters of tropical plants. It will be seen as an extraordinary plant sanctuary and will become one of the world's greenest airports when it comes to plant and tree usage.

Techo International Airport Will Be Filled With Plants and Trees

Many new-built airports are incorporating green and garden space for a refreshing passenger experience. One of them will be the Techo International Airport in Cambodia, built and designed by Foster + Partners. The architecture firm intends to position the airport as one of Cambodia's most important public buildings, with a significant impact on tourism and the economy. The Techo International Airport, located 20 kilometers south of Phnom Penh, is a modular construction that can be expanded and one of its most important features will be indeed the immense use of plants and trees in the surroundings of the space.


Plant haven at the future airport of Cambodia
 A render showing what the airport will look like, surrounded by thousands of trees and plants


Covering hundreds of meters all around the airport, several varieties of plants and trees will be seen, used to not only make the space extremely beautiful, green, and unique but also showcase the importance of having nature around you at any moment of the day. Nature never fails to make spaces vibrant while giving a boost of fresh air and cleaning the environment.

For the design of the future airport, the architecture firm draws inspiration from the nation itself, considered one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. The design also considers the tropical climate, resulting in a terminal building led by a central head house with two aerofoil-shaped piers with nature being the main protagonist, pulling a great amount of attention from the design. The structure houses all passenger processing, including security and immigration, and retail stores under a single overarching roof canopy that extends to the airside drop-off, providing expansive shelter.


Part of the inside roof of the newest Techo Airport still with plants all over
Part of the inside design of the newest Techo Airport in Cambodia, still filled with plants all over to make it look exceptionally unique


While the canopying roof appears to be made of wood, Foster + Partners uses a lightweight steel grid shell construction supported by structural trees spanning 36 meters. The innovative screen filters daylight, resulting in a well-lit terminal space. Varnishing and coloring will soon follow to match the wooden palette, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that complements other light-colored interior materials while evoking the Cambodian visual language in a modern way.


The spectacular outdoor spaces of Techo Airport


Extra Details About the Lush Result This Airport Will Have

The first phase of the airport terminal includes the central headhouse and the aerofoil wings to the north, which can accommodate up to 13 million passengers per year. The second aerofoil wing, which can accommodate 30 million passengers, will be the focus of subsequent phases. According to Stefan Behling, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, the new Techo International Airport will play an important role in Phnom Penh's ongoing development as the country's primary inter-regional, inter-modal transportation hub.

The airport is focused on technology, to become one of the world's greenest airports. The airport intends to accomplish this by using energy generated on-site from a solar panel farm to power almost the entire terminal. Rows of photovoltaic panels will generate the electricity required for the airport's operations.


Aerial view of the airport by Foster and Partners


In addition to the solar panel farm, the design features local craftsmanship and scenic views. The architects in charge of the project intend to add greenery to the Techo International Airport, as shown in the photos, with mature trees emerging from the central area and edge planting to soften the interiors.


Inside view of the greenest Techo Airport


Photos by Foster + Partners.


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