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The EMC Trend Report for 2024 introduces us to the "PROVOKE" trend, a dynamic and rebellious aesthetic beyond the traditional.

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In floral design, staying ahead is not just an ambition; it's a commitment. As we stand at the threshold of 2024, the relevance of upcoming trends takes center stage, offering floral designers a canvas rich in innovation and boundless creativity. Lead instructor Tomas De Bruyne, from the renowned EMC floral design educational program, underscores the importance of understanding and embracing emerging trends in floral design, transcending the mere act of trend following. In the following exploration, we delve into the EMC Trend Report 2024, with a spotlight on the intriguing 'PROVOKE' trend — a rebellion rooted in nature, consciousness, and resourcefulness.

Are You Provoked by Your Clients?

The EMC Trend Report for 2024 introduces us to the 'PROVOKE' trend, a dynamic and rebellious aesthetic that transcends traditional floral design norms. Unlike historical acts of rebellion, this trend emphasizes consciousness and mindfulness, urging individuals to question authority and navigate a complex society by making informed choices. The rebellion here is not against authority but a quest for personal responsibility and autonomy.



In the floral world, the 'PROVOKE' trend manifests as a blend of nature-inspired rebellion, conscious resourcefulness, and active engagement. The color palette, characterized by earthy and sandy tones, accompanied by stone-grey shades, reflects a return to the roots of the earth. Notably, the use of military blue introduces a contradictory yet harmonious element, symbolizing both contradiction and the essence of water in the earth's ecosystem.



How Does the 'PROVOKE' Trend Unleash Your Creativity?

The essence of the 'PROVOKE' trend is encapsulated in its five key keywords: consciousness, natural, resourceful, rebellious, and involved. These keywords serve as guiding principles for floral designers looking to embody the spirit of this rebellious aesthetic.

Consciousness reflects the trend's emphasis on making informed choices and mindfully questioning authority. The natural keyword underscores the return to the earth's roots, celebrating organic textures, shapes, and forms. Resourceful highlights the innovative solutions and sustainability inherent in the rebellion, showcasing the industry's capacity to find creative alternatives.

Rebellious captures the essence of the trend's departure from traditional design norms, embracing imperfections and asymmetry as statements of defiance.

Finally, involved encourages active engagement, inviting floral designers to contribute dynamically and creatively to this conscious and rebellious movement.

These keywords not only articulate the core attributes of the 'PROVOKE' trend but also serve as a roadmap for florists to infuse their creations with the rebellious and harmonious spirit of nature-inspired design.



Do You Use Nature’s Unlimited Resources?

The color palette of the 'PROVOKE' trend is a testament to its rebellious yet harmonious nature, offering a distinct departure from conventional floral design aesthetics.

Earthy and sandy tones dominate, echoing the hues found in the natural world, particularly the earth's crust. The emphasis here is not on the vibrant greens of lush vegetation but rather on the sand and stone colors, symbolizing a return to the elemental foundations of the earth. The inclusion of military blue plays a dual role, adding a contradictory yet complementary element to the predominantly brown-tinted combination. On one hand, it stands out as an oddity, providing a visual contradiction; on the other hand, it seamlessly integrates, symbolizing both contradiction and the essential element of water.

This carefully curated color palette encourages floral designers to explore the subtle nuances of nature, incorporating earthy characters into their creations and making a bold statement that challenges traditional expectations, setting the stage for a rebellious yet harmonious floral revolution.



Challenging Your Limits With the Right Elements

Central to the 'PROVOKE' trend is a profound exploration of texture, with a celebration of rough-hewn, unfinished textures reminiscent of nature's primal beauty. Organic shapes and forms take center stage, rejecting rigid symmetry and precision in favor of imperfect and asymmetrical designs. Materials like stone, straw, and grass experience a revival, symbolizing a connection to the earth's unrefined elegance.

Shapes and forms in the 'PROVOKE' trend are inherently unrefined, mirroring the rebellious and unpolished textures. It's a celebration of the inherent irregularities, cracks, and knots in materials, symbolizing a connection between the organic and the imperfect. The interplay of texture, shapes, and forms creates an aesthetic that challenges conventional design norms, making a bold statement in the world of floral artistry.



As we decode the trends destined to define the floral industry in 2024, the 'PROVOKE' trend emerges as a rebellious yet harmonious force. It invites floral designers to question norms, embrace conscious resourcefulness, and actively engage with the evolving complexities of society. The fusion of nature-inspired rebellion and innovative design choices in materials, color, shapes, and textures makes 'PROVOKE' a trend worth exploring and incorporating into your floral expressions.

This trend offers beautiful opportunities to use a wide variety of botanicals, matching both the color palette and the trend identity. Being the natural trend, 'PROVOKE' incites the love for everything connected to nature, and luckily, in the floral industry, there are many growers who focus themselves on cultivating special varieties. Knowing how to combine textures, colors, elements, and principles of design will help you grow your design level and grow your niche clientele as you also develop your signature style.


PROVOKE flowers
Botanicals for clear color palette

Botanicals for clear color palette: 01 Echeveria elegans - 02 Fritillaria persica - 03 Eryngium planum - 04 Chrysanthemum indicum - 05 Typha augustifolia - 06 Hydrangea macrophylla - 07 Stachys byzantina - 08 Tillandsia xerographic - 09 Tulipa hybrida - 10 Cymbidium hybridum - 11 Muscari armeniacum - 12 Dianthus caryophyllus - 13 Delphinium elatum - 14 Nigella damascena - 15 Rosa hybrida cv. Golden Mustard by Alexandra Farms.


EMC Provoke Trend flowers
Botanicals for subtle color palette

Botanicals for subtle color palette: 01 Senecio scaposus - 02 Rosa hybrida cv. Bessie by Alexandra Farms - 03 Delphinium elatum cv. Guardian Lavander by Marginpar - 04 Dianthus caryophyllus cv. Happy Brown by Mediaverdi - 05 Typha augustifolia - 06 Dianthus caryophyllus cv. Creola by Mediaverdi - 07 Eryngium planum cv. Orion by Marginpar - 08 Dianthus caryophyllus cv. Cappuccino by Mediaverdi - 09 Zantedeschia aethiopica cv. Pampas by VipRoses - 10 Limonium sinuatum cv. China Summer by Marginpar - 11 Pennisetum setaceum cv. Black Fox by Marginpar - 12 Eustoma grandiflorum cv. Brownies by VipRoses - 13 Daucus carota cv. Dara by Marginpar.


Not Sure What the Future Holds for You?

Florists from all over the world should not miss the opportunity to download the EMC Trend Report for 2024. This report transcends traditional trend following; it's a guide to drawing inspiration, shaping trends to align with unique visions, and creating distinctive signature styles. In a year that promises innovation and boundless creativity, the trend report is your key to staying ahead, crafting unforgettable experiences, and resonating profoundly with the global floral industry's discerning clientele. Join the collective journey of floral artistry in 2024, as we decode and redefine the trends that will shape the world of floral experiences.



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