Edge Fanzine
EDGE Fanzine Features Weddings With EMC Designers From All Over the World This third edition wants to show weddings with the uniqueness of each culture, tradition, individuality and more.
May 31 | 5 min read
Featured Take the Quiz on Thursd
Take the Quiz and Find Out at What Level as a Designer You Are Today What Should Your Focus Be for 2023 When it Comes to Your Design Skills?
Dec 14 | 2 min read
A Safari Sunset in My Africa Bouquet I was blessed to learn techniques from Gregor Lersch, Françoise Weeks, Susan McLeary, and more, as well as the EMC program that I incorporate in my designs here in South Africa.
Feb 16 | 3 min read
A Floral Interview With Francisca Pérez, Floral Designer and EMC Teacher  Raising three small children, being a passionate floral designer and sharing my knowledge as an EMC Teacher makes me a happy person.
Jan 05 | 5 min read
What is European Master Certification? EMC is a floral educational concept and program that cannot be categorized because neither can you.
Oct 28 | 3 min read
A Floral Interview With Laura Draghici From Chic Fleuriste "After 15 years as a bank director, I switched to the flower world. So happy with my choice."
Aug 05 | 10 min read
Visual Movement With Flowers Knowing what are the lines, and how they can best serve the design purpose
Jul 09 | 2 min read
Inspirational Techniques The more technical knowledge, the more possibilities
Jul 09 | 2 min read
The Art Analysis of a Design feature on Thursd
The Art Analysis of a Design How to describe an arrangement, and really present it as professionals? Let's take the 'Bridge of Flowers' by Tomas de Bruyne as an example.
Sep 22 | 3 min read
The Creative Business Mindset of Christi Lopez Change takes determination and commitment
Jul 09 | 1 min read
How To Become a Better Version of Yourself Always in the learning zone
Jul 09 | 2 min read

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